LOUD Mercedes CL63 AMG take off Full throttle


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Mercedes CL 63 AMG Ride, Burnout & REVs in Hamburg

Crazy Arab Mercedes CL63 AMG in Vienna
supercarsofaustria spotted a very unique red Mercedes CL 63 AMG from Quatar. The Video show some fast and loud accelerations in Vienna City. You will also find some nice Combos in the Video. https://www.facebook.com/supercarsofaustria

Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG High Speed Crash / Atwater Village RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com ATWATER VILLAGE - A Mercedes CL63 AMG crashed at a high rate of speed while transitioning from the north 2 to the north 5 freeway. The crashed caused the car to split in two with the engine and transmission landing away from the driver and the rest of the car. The black Mercedes came to rest after hitting a tree. The driver was trapped and LAFD used The Jaws of Life to free the victim from the wreckage. The driver survived the crash and was transported in critical condition to an area hospital. The car has a sticker price of around $150,000. It had a specialized plate that read "SLO AMG"

RIDE: Crazy Mercedes CL 63 AMG, 260 Km/H on German Autobahn, LOUD Sound
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