turbo 5.7 001.MOD

tundra 5.7 with a garret turbo

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Turbo Charged Tundra 5.7 Drag Race
13.7 @ 101. Boost @ 4psi. Think my phone may have recorded it upside down. Galaxy S3 sucks.

Evo X (18psi) vs Supercharged Tundra
Evo X running cobb tuner on summer tune, stock turbo. Supercharged Toyota Tundra

TOYOTA TUNDRA MPG Buttons Mod "Drive Monitor Switch"
http://www.reverbnation.com/dudesgonedad This MOD adds the MPG Buttons [(aka "Drive Monitor Switch" part #84977-0C020) - the older model switch (84977-0C100) will work, but the only difference is: The "Setup" button (3rd from top) says just "Setup" on the 0C100 switch, and "Setup US/M" on the 0C020 switch]. (see 1st picture below) This will allow you to change the display up on the "Accessory Meter" which displays your clock, temperature, current MPG's (instantaneous), Average MPG's, and Distance-to-empty (miles left on tank)...located at the top/middle of your dash. This part can be found at Partznet.com or through a dealer like TRDsparks.com, usually around $75. (NOTE - Some members have found the older switch [0C100] for much cheaper than the newer switch [0C020]) This MOD WILL APPLY to GRADE, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road (SR5 trim), Tundra T-Force, and ROCK WARRIOR model trucks that have either NO buttons on their switch (ie BLANKS) OR have only the SETUP button (which changes the temp from F to C), OR have only the SONAR and/or SETUP buttons on their switch.

TOYOTA Tundra Supercharger - More Horsepower, more Torque!
We put in a Supercharger on a 2010 Toyota Tundra, and have had awesome results! Learn more about the Tundra and supercharging, visit Wilde Toyota and meet with a truck specialist for a great experience! http://www.wildetoyota.com/wilde-truck-team.htm