1999 Mustang burnout fail 2010 Hot Rod Nationals Lincoln, Ne

hot chick attempting a burnout in her 1999 Mustang gt with red smoke tires. At first she had it in reverse and started burning out in reverse. then she got the hang of it but still didnt give it enough gas to smoke the tires really

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Everyone loves a Good Burnout.. Unfortunately they don't always go according to plan with Tyre Fires, Rods Out or the dreaded Wall Hit.. Here's a compilation of some of the best action I've filmed over the past 12 months...

1979 mustang burnout fail
A dude trying to do a burnout. He has no clue how to even drive the car!

Crazy guy does burnout in front of cops on his GSXR1000 STREET BIKE. It's like a cops vs. bike video except he's chasing the cops This video got 250,000 views on our drive615 instagram page. If only it could get that many here... who knows! My buddy was on his GSXR 1000 street bike and decides to rip a huge burnout leaving the cars and coffee car show here in Nashville. We filmed from our Corvette Z06 and tried to leave him some good distance, but also keep up too. He did it literally seconds after a cop car passes by. He has an extended swing arm on his street bike and is notorious for ripping some mean burnouts leaving car shows. Song is Vibe with Me by Joakim Karud Something New now on Spotify & iTunes: smarturl.it/SomethingNewJK Almost Original (feat Kasey Andre) out on Spotify & iTunes:smarturl.it/AlmostOriginal Contact: music@joakimkarud.com Music by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Thanks to Full Octane Garage for the clip from the street of the same burnout. The "Oh my God" is from the He needs some Milk video.

Hot Rod FAIL
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