1999 Mustang burnout fail 2010 Hot Rod Nationals Lincoln, Ne

hot chick attempting a burnout in her 1999 Mustang gt with red smoke tires. At first she had it in reverse and started burning out in reverse. then she got the hang of it but still didnt give it enough gas to smoke the tires really

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Hot Rod FAIL
Dino Treffen in Ibbenbüren 2010 - Preisverleihung

Chevy El Camino Burnout 2010 Hot Rod Nationals Lincoln Ne
chevy el camino doing burnout demo for the local news. sorry for the shakey camera work but hurts your arms to hold my camera for a long time

Chevy Truck Burn out 2010 Hot Rod Nationals Lincoln Ne
Sweet older chevy truck doing a burnout in the 2010 hot rod nationals in lincoln nebraska

SN95 Mustang - Red Tire Burnout
HUUUUUUUUUGE burnout from an SN95 Mustang with the Kuhmo red tire smoke tires