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I drive my 1950 Chrysler New Yorker to the forest to see how my wife is getting on with our Siberian huskies at a local race she is organising


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Compared to a modern car, the controls on a 1950 Chrysler seem very basic but they were the state of the art in 1950 . I try and explain what they are on my 1950 Chrysler New Yorker two door coupe

Mercedes Transmission Modulator Upgrade Available for Better Shifts
Covers most 1981 to 1993 models with 722.3x and 722.4x automatic transmissions. Link to parts go here: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=modulator In this video Kent will show you the difference between the old style modulators and the newest upgrades. Applies to 123 chassis 1981-1985 Models 280E 280CE 300D 300CD 300TD, 126 chassis 380SE 380SEL 300SD 500SEL 300SDL 420SEL 300SE, 300SEL 560SEL 350SD 350SDL 380SEC and 560SEC 1981-1991, 201 Chassis 190E and 190D from 1984 to 1993 and 124 Chassis 260E 300E 300D 300TD 300TE 300CE 400E 500E 1986 to 1993.

Mercedes Quiz: Guess the Part and Associated Problems
Let's just have a little fun. Try to guess the part in this video and then chime in if you have had problems with it in the past. Leave your best guesses below: Answer in Part 2 click here: http://youtu.be/ZcaqhwXG9Ek

How to Check The Condition and Operation of a Shoulder Harness
Having shoulder harness problems in your older Benz? Do know how to inspect or test one? Trying to find a good used replacement? Kent will discuss these issues in this video. T114 and 115 chassis 220 230 250 250C 280 280C 240D 300D 1968 to 1976, 107 Chassis 350SL 450SL 450SLC 380SL 560SL 1972 to 1989, 116 chassis 350SE 450SE 450SEL 280SE 280SEL 300SD 1973 to 1980, 123 chassis 1977-1985 Models 230 240D 240TD 280E 280CE 300D 300CD 300TD, 126 chassis 380SE 380SEL 300SD 500SEL 300SDL 420SEL 300SE, 300SEL 560SEL 350SD 350SDL 380SEC and 560SEC 1981-1991, 201 Chassis 190E and 190D 1984 to 1993 and 124 Chassis 260E 300E 300D 300TD 300TE 300CE 400E 500E E320 E430 and E300D 1986 to 1995.

Searching for the Ultimate Shop Work Light Part 4: Finding the Right Lights
Continuation of Kent's multi-part series. The view full playlist click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtRKk64pu2woNnNozo-gNTF5Zcb_Cmf_o. In this video he will discuss his criteria for finding a tough and inexpensive LED light for the purpose of making his own ultimate shop lights. Remember the emphasis is on those two key words. TOUGH. INEXPENSIVE. Part 5 to follow in a few weeks.

Troubleshooting a Mercedes OM 617 Turbo Diesel Tachometer
Tach not working or jumping around. There could be a number of things causing this problem. In this video Kent will show you some of the key things to check and possibly replace to get the tachometer woking again on your 1978 to 1980 W116 300SD, 1981 to 1984 W123 turbo 300D 300CD 3000TD and W126 300SD.

I am trying to use my classic American cars as much as possible so here the New Yorker goes to a local village post office

See A Clean Original MG TD Engine - How to Learn More
This is an advertisement for Kent's on demand video on how to clean a car engine without high pressure and using very little water: Video click here: https://mercedessource.com/store/extreme-detailing-part-4-cleaning-and-deta iling-an-engine-compartment-safely-demand- video In this youtube video you will get to see an MGTD engine after it is cleaned. Sorry he did not get any before pictures.

Operation and Testing W123 Mercedes Vacuum Door Lock Actuator
For a manual on complete door lock system diagnosis and repair click here: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=123%20door%20locks Applies to the later 123 240D, 300D, 300TD, 300CD, 280E, 280TE and 230E with black plastic door lock actuators.

Mercedes Quiz Part 2: The Part and Associated Problems Explained by Kent Bergsma
Here is the answer to the Quiz posted last week: http://youtu.be/INfdH1vNJTA. Kent will explain in detail what this part is, what it does, and what the problem has been more many owners of older diesels from early 1980's to the mid 1990's. This includes the W123, W107, W126, W201, W124 and early R129 chassis. Video wiring diagram for the plug is available on Kent's website. Look for the link in the description of the problem discussed here: https://mercedessource.com/problems/electrical/what-could-go-wrong-when-cha nging-an-ignition-switch-or-steering-lock

This is an upload of a previous video that I had deleted by mistake.

1934 Chrysler Airflow Spoof Commercial (Original Song)
http://www.hollywoodscreams.com/ This is a comedy spoof commercial for a great old car that did not become popular. The 1934 Chrysler Airflow was a very big car. It was the first mass produced streamlined automobile. It failed to catch on. One of the Chrysler Airflows had a wheelbase that was over 140 inches. This video is on my Bedlam Playhouse channel at YouTube. I have another channel called Featureman. the Bedlam Playhouse channel is new. I will gradually add some videos which will be comedy oriented to the Bedlam Playhouse channel. The music was done with Band in a Box and the video editing was done with Magix Pro 14. This video uses several layers of green and blue screen. LYRICS: Drivin' on a Satuday mornin' It's about ten o'clock, I'm in my Chrysler Airflow, Gonna drive around the block, That's about one car length, The Airflow is so long, so long, And look at all this chrome as I sing this chromey song, Got my water fall grill, As pretty as a car can be, Got an all steel body, My neighbors got Airflow envy, 139 horsepower,takes the hills in stride, Ten feet between the axles, and the front seat's five feet wide, I won't be buyin' a Cadillac, I won't be caught in a Ford, I won't buy a Dusenberg or an Auburn or a Cord, If you wanna see, what the future has in store, Get down to your Chrysler dealer, See the Airflow for 1934

I fit a new windscreen washer puimp to my 1949 Dodge and also fit a power outlet so I can use my sat nav

1950 Chrysler Windsor 2door
Nicely restored! Definitely a quality interior..and lots of chrome, both inside and outside. This car has Chrysler's Fluid Drive, a semiautomatic transmission. Just right for a small family..no back doors for junior to open while the car's in motion. The cost of restoration for this car must have been quite high, considering the large amount of chrome!

Insanely Fast Jet Car Racing at Motorplex Australia
Two jet cars racing at Perth Motorplex with huge flames spitting out the back of them. -IGNORE THIS- Jet Car Drag Racing Perth Motorplex USA Australia DragRacing sydney Mustang burnout race turbo Exhaust melbourne Camaro ford street corvette brisbane cobra muscle mile adelaide victoria supra paradise "drag racing" western pontiac shelby dodge twin "drag race" stock mazda "burnout paradise" Boost holden run ls1 Nitrous z28 raceway loud rx7 engine z06 dragster performance rev srt4 custom viper donuts rotary magnaflow motor eclipse idle races motorsports falcon blown drift Cars "Drag Race" Speed

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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