I drive my 1950 Chrysler New Yorker to the forest to see how my wife is getting on with our Siberian huskies at a local race she is organising

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Siberian Husky Howling
This is my two year old husky Nikita. As far as huskies go, he isn't as vocal as some, but the one thing that will get him to howl is his squeaky ball. He gets so excited when I get it out for him.

Siberian Husky Puppies Playing,Barking And Sleeping
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U.S. Marine Surprises His Two Siberian Huskies After Returning from Afghanistan
"My husband returned from his second deployment to Afghanistan in August 2012. We wanted to record on video the girls (our two Siberian huskies) reacting to him finally getting home. Let's just say they were excited! The dogs hadn't seen him since December 2011. I was so excited for them to see him. Zoie and Isibella love their "daddy!" | All videos submitted by their creators to http://HomecomingHeroes.com. If you are the owner of a video and it was submitted by a third-party without your permission, please message us at http://homecomingheroes.com/contact for immediate removal.

husky racing aviemore 2012
Aviemore 2012 C class 1st place,fastest time of event and fastest ever 4 dog time pie and brew in lead spook and hex in wheel