Sputtering 1992 Accord

Need some help figuring out whats the problem with my car. Valve bent? Valves adjusted wrong? Timing off? anything helps

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How I Repaired my 2000 Honda Accord Start, Sputter, and Stall issue
Do not go part swap crazy. Its expensive.

My sputtering & stalling 1993 Honda Accord
I need help.

1994 Honda Accord w/ Bent Valve
A video illustrating how your 94 Accord's engine will probably sound if it has a bent valve. Bent valves often happen in cars containing intereference engines, such as this particular model of Honda. They occur most often when the timing belt breaks during operation of the engine. This is an expensive repair, requiring the engine head to be dismanted. To avert this disaster, change your timing belt every 90k miles or sooner. This particular car had about 178k miles on it at the time of the video. There was a bent valve in cylinder 2, and the cylinder lost all compression.

Accord engine problem
The car dosent idle too differently if you take out cylinder number 1's spark plug ( or is it cylinder number 4? ) Anyways take any of the other plugs out and it idles like shit Why is that?