Sputtering 1992 Accord

Need some help figuring out whats the problem with my car. Valve bent? Valves adjusted wrong? Timing off? anything helps

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2016 Honda( Spirior )Accord Euro Official !!
Honda spirior in China Honda Accord in Europe

2016 Honda Accord (1st look)
The new upgraded 2016 Honda Accord 1st look with walk around. This Honda Accord Touring video was filmed during the world premier of the new 2016 Honda Accord now with upgrades such as Apples CarPlay, Android Auto, 19" wheels available, Honda new host of Sensing technologies, new rear and front LED lights and much more. Contact HondaPro Jason with questions at jason@hondaprojason.com This video was filmed and edited by Alan Oatley during a invite only event held at Honda's new R&D facility in Silicon Valley California. This video was possible in cooperation with Launch Digital Marketing http://www.launchdigitalmarketing.com/ Check out my new channel for more www.youtube.com/hondaprotwo PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for more Honda videos & for more information on Honda products please visit http://www.honda.com

8th Gen 07' Civic LX CAI Problems
I just installed a cold air intake and now it's puttering, not running right, and dying. I've checked the intake and nothings blocking it. Also I've disconnected the battery cables to reset the MAF sensor and then let it idle for 10 minutes to let it adjust to the new air flow but that still isn't fixing it. ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!! Please check out my affiliate for the greatest deals on cell phone accessories and cables you need; http://cableforge.com/?acc=e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5

Muffler-less 1992 Accord EX
The muffler of my 1992 Honda Accord fell off the other day. So, I made a short video of some clips while driving around with no muffler. The're no fart can here folks, just a stock Exhaust without a muffler on the end. PS - This car is pretty much stock, including the original F22A6 2.2L I4 engine (non-vtec). Enjoy!