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Helms Bakery Tow Truck Discovered on Old Route 66 (Mother Road) while searching for a Mater.

I wanted a mater for an astrolabe, came accross this vintage numbers matching Lambert Wrecker on Route 66 in Essex, CA. Astrolabe See: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrolabe This 1957 International Lambert Tow Truck started life as a service and recovery truck for Helms Bakery in Culver City Ca., "The First Bread on the Moon". Helms Bakery might have had several tow trucks, Helms had whole fleet of bread trucks and support vehicles. At one time Helms had over 500 bread trucks and service vehicles. http://helmsbakerydistrict.com/history/helms-photos The industrial quality of the IH cab and chassis Model A132 was chosen to be the foundation this rare Lambert Tow Truck was built upon. This 1957 International A130 chassis left the Springfield Ohio International Harvester assembly line on April 19, 1957, then shipped by either rail or truck via Route 66 to Los Angeles. At that time, Lambert Co LTD was located at 1202 E Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles, California and was the West Coast Ernest Holmes Distributor, also Lambert built their own bodies and complete turn-key tow trucks. http://www.towtimes.com/?p=3136 This one is equipped with its original Holmes 400 Wrecker (dated June 1957), the rare Plus Body with Tool Compartment with CA dimensions of 60" (dated July 8, 1957). This Wrecker is also equipped with a rare scobie plate or flat plate sling, used mostly on the West Coast. The large flat surface face of the plate matched the matching flat faces of all Helms Bakery Trucks. http://tow411.yuku.com/reply/854652/Re-OK-school-me-on-Scovie-plates#.TyAwfuN5nTo Even the later panel trucks had large flat custom grill guards. So in July of 57, a true West Coast Step-side Tow Truck was born sporting that familiar shinny Helms Bakery Yellow over Black, Dark Walnut Brown or Coffee paint scheme I remember as a kid living in Bellflower, Whittier, and Long Beach back in the 50's and 60's, http://gombessa.tripod.com/scienceleadstheway/id5.html Helms Bakery or Lambert are no longer in bussines. Here the Essex Towing truck has been sitting waiting patiently for me to come along so I can pamper her. Parked only fifty feet off the original old Route 66 (pre-1931 alignment, dirt road seen in the background), where she has sat for 10 years or more and has made the Hot Mojave Desert home since the closing of Helms Bakery in 1969. After Helms, the little tow truck helped relocate or salvage the thousands cars off of this stretch of Route 66 to Barstow or Needles as Interstate 40 was to bypass this stretch of road by 1972. Here she sits and listens to the BNSF trains as they sound the warning at the Sunflower Springs level crossing. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Level_crossing Standing about a hundred yards to the west on Route 66, across from the fully functional and staffed Cal-Trans Yard, sits a cute Radiator Well the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA Insurance) erected in 1940. This little drinking fountain in the desert provided a much needed FREE drink of clean cool water for all those thirsty automobile radiators. Back in the days most stops in the Hot Mojave desert charged 10 cents a gallon for dirty radiator water, John Steinbeck wrote a book about those days, "The Grapes of Wrath". http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grapes_of_Wrath The free range cattle for cow tipping provided by the Blair Ranch, you will notice the cattle guards and cow warning signs as you pass through town. Say hello to JR and John at their little tire shop that is still in business when you stop by Essex. Essex Ca was bypassed by interstate 40 in 1972, leaving Essex a Ghost Town almost. But thanks to Johnny Carson, in 1977, Essex got TV Reception for the first time ever. The whole town was then invited to Burbank to the Johnny Carson Show. John and the Little Tow Truck had to stay home to watch out for the travelers. Just a note, the litte tow truck has since been relocated. As far as I know, this is the only remaining Lambert Built Tow Truck known to exist. Essex Ca is also known as "Free Water" and the Heart of the Mojave Desert according to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). http://www.cart66pf.org/Map/66mojave2.htm


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Hatz Diesel Dnepr 8.157 Solo Motorcycle
Out for a ride, stopped by Sky Dance Sky Diving in Davis, CA. http://www.skydanceskydiving.net/ Yes, I have jumped out of perfectly good Aircraft here. Took a video of my Hatz Bio Diesel Dnepr 8.157 Solo. This bike has been getting 85-120mpg on biodiesel.

Route 66 Dust Bowl relics
On a vacation drive accross the U.S., I found lots of cool old cars sitting in fields. These I found abandoned off the old mother road, 66. Could they be old broken down, old dust bowl depression era cars? California or bust? that busted? Like the jalopy the Joed's drove in the movie "The Grapes of Rath"? Unbelieveable what is still out there... waiting to be found when you goof up and take a wrong turn off the beaten path in a small town along Route 66. I once got lost in Colorado and found a 57 Chevy convertible, and it was cheap so I bought it.

http://www.freddyklbraskamp.nl/page/homepage please subscribe in my guestbook

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Been working on my 1967 International Harvester 1100 B pickup truck, truck has 69k original miles on the original BG 241 6 cylinder. Heres just a quick start up and walk around. Still have some more rust to cut out and replace, but not bad overall.

Sirennet presents an Anderson Towing Tow Truck/Wrecker
Sirennet presents an Anderson Towing (http://andersontowing.com) tow truck/wrecker: A Ford F-550 Super Duty with, Whelen M2 Super-LED Lighthead http://sirennet.com/whm2.html Whelen LINZ6 Super-LED Lighthead http://sirennet.com/whlinz6.html Whelen M7 Linear Super-LED Lighthead http://sirennet.com/whm7.html SoundOff UltraLITE 12 Module Exterior Warning Bar http://sirennet.com/soel3d12a00.html Whelen Ultra Freedom LED Lightbar http://sirennet.com/whfx.html SoundOff 380 Series Professional Remote Siren http://sirennet.com/soetsa380r.htm

1960's rusted old Tow Truck, Autocar Diesel trucks, TOW SHOW 2011
Spotted some still functioning 1960's era rusted old Tow Trucks "Tow Show" 2011. These are Autocar diesel trucks with Cummins engines in them. The blue truck is a 1958 model completely functional and still used as a tow truck to this day. Check out my channel for more cool videos of these trucks and more: http://www.youtube.com/user/wyldfantasies

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I used this truck to haul 20-40 junk cars a week, to the local wrecking yards in 1999-2003. I would go out and buy them and resale them for always a profit, especially since I only had $700 in this fine haul truck, [easy to turn a profit that way],and it just kept towing and towing to the dismay of my competitors who were driveing $50,000 new trucks and just flat out could not compete with my prices, it was real bad when their trucks would break and to save $ they had to call the old "Dinosaur" to rescue them,lol...

1962 Chevy Tow Truck Wrecker
1962 GMC Wrecker Old Car Commercials https://sites.google.com/site/classiccarandtruck 1962 Chevy Tow Truck Duncan BC Antique Truck show, July 2010 Just visit http://www.youtube.com/user/awaldegrave channel and click on the "Subscribe" button at the top. And click the email button,you will then get a e mail from YOU TUBE letting you know there is a new movie up for viewing. Thanks

Old Workhorse Tow Truck Wrecker : Old Time Trucking
(Video & Photos) Talking about Richmond Heavy Towing 1978 Australian made International cab chassis with a 392-V8 petrol (Gasoline) Australian made tow truck wrecker body and lifting gear. The power plant is U. S. made but the cab chassis is Australia made. I have just Donated this old Tow Truck of mine to The Road Transport Historical Society in the city of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. So if you are in Alice and want to kill some time go to the Truck Museum and say hello to my old girl. 1978 Australian made International D1310 The cab body panels except the bonnet are the same as the Australian made Dodge. The same shape was used for around twenty years, its was used on chassis from light to heavy semi trucks and arguably the most common medium size truck used in Australia of the sixty and seventies. It was argued which truck was the best the Australian made International with the U.S. power plant or the Australian made Dodge with the Chrysler power plant. This tow truck wrecker has Australian made Webb hydric crane-boom with hydric Ramsey winch. In the later years it had a early model manual Australia made Ekebol wheel lifter fitted. This truck was specially built to go into multiple story car parks, the truck was lowered And the amber revolving light bar would swing down on hinges to reduce the height. The height of the truck was only two metres so it would fit into most car parks in the city centre. website http://outbacktowing.tripod.com

RC TOW TRUCK ACTION★★★★★ Music by: http://droogkloot.net/ Build of the tow truck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQbHf30smQc&list=TLhMwBCOw_mTE

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