PER Open House 2012 Cross Ram AMC running on the DTS Dyno

Dan Sharer's 434cid AMC 1972 Javelin Gopro video by Lyle Howell on a Powermark DTS 4000G Dyno Dynamometer at Portland engine rebuilders trigger pulled by Steve Clark Engine made 479.2HP at 5400RPM and 524TQ at 4300RPM all on pump gas... Small cam with only 224-232 degrees of duration at .050"

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1968 American Motors AMX 390 dyno session ( April 2006 )
Dyno session for my 1968 AMX 390 engine ,that was built with the intention of running at the Pure Stock Musclecar Drag Race. This is later in the Dyno session where we were experimenting with AMC's Free Flow Exhaust manifolds on the motor ,which were not correct for 1968, as they would have been log style Exhaust manifolds. The motor made : 316 HP and 420 TQ with the correct log manifolds ,and 322 HP and 428 TQ with the freeflows. The free flow Exhaust manifolds are meant for later style, different heads (dogleg Exhaust port vs rectangle Exhaust port),so they really don't mate well. Motor would go into my 1968 AMX and race in Sept of 2006 for the first time. Car went best of 13.85 @ 100 that year.

AMC 401 DYNO test.wmv
401 bored .040 over , trw L2380F 40, .005 in the hole, edelbrocks shaved .050 to about 50 cc heavily ported with valves unshrouded, hydraulic roller camshaft dur. @ .050 232 int, 240 Exhaust. lift 563 intake 584 Exhaust, roller rockers 1.6:1, rpm range 3500-7000, torker manifold, 750 Demon, 1-7'8 hookers

Dyno test on AMC engine 401CID with Supercharger V 7 YSI
Vortech V7-YSI beta bracket set-up

401 AMC Engine Dyno Pulls at N.C. Performance Inc
Steve Clary's 401 AMC getting Dyno tested at New Covenant Performance Inc. in Mount Auburn, IL. 217-676-2660