STM Evo goes BOOM! DSM/EVO Shootout 2010

STM Ricer Evo at the Buschur Shootout...Blew a headgasket... This car was running strong all day and then BOOM!

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Shauna backing ricer out the trailer at the NC/SC meet

STMs "RICER" Evo hits the Streets after the first dyno session on new Buschur Motor!
STMs Evo hits the streets after its first ever Dyno session on new Buschur Motor. Made 552awhp@30psi on our Mustang Dyno.

Worlds Fastest EVO8 Fighting Traction! STM TUNED
STM's EVO8 is the quickest & fastest CT9A in the world going 8.0@182, but had trouble at the 2015 DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout. Fought traction on the Dyno & at the Track. With a bigger turbo and some updates coming soon we may see the first 7 sec Evo in 2016.

8-second STM EVO | DSPORT DVD #31