68 Mercury Cougar, open exhaust

I had to cut off my Exhaust due to an accident that bent up the pipe pretty bad, so I took a couple videos of how badass it sounds without a muffler! This is a stock 289-2v

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Freddie on the Dyno
My '68 Mercury Cougar get his first Dyno run. This is on the old Torker 289 intake, long headers of questionable parentage, 284H Crane cam and jetting as it came, I've rebuilt the 700cfm Holley DP carb and there's a 2.5" Magnaflow system on it. On, and the brand new T5 gearbox. :) V.

1973 Opel Manta A exhaust revving (1)
This was taken shortly after getting a custom Exhaust system made locally. The muffler is a Flowmaster. Today is the first day the Manta has been driven since before the restoration.

1973 Opel Manta A exhaust idle
Nice low rumble through the new pipes and Flowmaster muffler.

1973 Opel Manta A first drive
This is the first time the Manta has driven under it's own power for many years. This was taken just after getting the new Exhaust put on today. Note that the speedometer is not hooked up yet... also note how the shifter hole isn't really covered up yet. The Getrag 240 shifts really smoothly though! And there's no carpet, or back seat. But it drives!!