RWD Eagle Talon at Pinks All Out Norwalk

My first pass in my Talon! This is the first pass at an event that this car has made in it's current form. For more information about it, check out This pass was made on June 7th At Summit Motortsports Park in Norwalk Ohio.

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Eagle Talon T4/T67 570HP/461tq - Mustang Dyno
Eagle Talon 570HP/461tq - Mustang Dyno

talon tsi awd vs viper
viper vs tsi awd

Tim Barnes AMX on Pinks All Out Takes
Tim Barnes 8 second AMX as seen on Pinks

eagle talon peru 10.48 ET record nacional, team HALTECH
Final pikes 7 Oct 2007. In-car Victor Benvenuto, sin tacometro. 10.48 ET final Talon Vs. 540 C.I.