BMW e46 330i ZHP - Willow Springs - Open Track Racing

My first track day. Willow Springs International Raceway w/ Open Track Racing - November 16, 2011 2003 e46 330i ZHP sedan. 1:52.56 80.7 mph average speed 114.9 mph max speed Stats courtesy of Harry's Lap Timer app for iOS

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BMW 330i ZHP - Calabogie, July 2014
Hosts: BMW CCA Patroon Chapter and BMW CC Ottawa Calabogie Motorsports Park, Ontario, Canada July 20, 21 This was my first time at Calabogie. I am an Intermediate driver at my home track, signed off to run Solo. For this weekend, I have been placed in the Beginner run group purely because I wasn't familiar with the track. After a couple of sessions on the first day, I had the track and "the line" memorized and started working on optimal corner entry and exit. I did manage some clean laps throughout the weekend, which proved to be very fruitful in carrying more speed into and out of the turns. This video is from Session 3 on Day 2, and was probably very very close to my fastest run of the weekend, which was during Session 4 (or at the very least, felt like my fastest, since none of this is timed).

E46 330i ZHP vs. E92 335i 1/8 mile drag race
E46 330i ZHP manual with ESS TS2 & LSD vs. E92 335i manual with JB4 tune, no cats 335i won by .02 seconds. Next race the 335i lost by .1 second.

E46 3series OBC Hidden Functions (unlock n test)
Instructions to access the hidden OBC functions: 1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to on position 2. OBC should show "Test" 3. Use Trip Reset to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the f

BMW 3 serie E46 Led Angel dimmable eyes mounting instructions BMW 3 serie E46 Led Angel dimmable eyes mounting instructions. This video shows instructions on how to mount them on the reflectors. Installation is relatively easy since the headlight lens can be removed easily. 0:02 Remove the turn signal by loosening the screw 0:15 Remove the strip below the headlight, rubber strip, headlight lens and insert 0:40 Place the wires through the back of the headlight 1:05 Connect the T10 connector in the position light plug 1:30 Prepare the angel eyes for mount, place the clips 1:55 Place the double sided tape on the back side of the ring 2:15 Place the Led ring and press on it to fixat the double sided tape 2:40 Repeat the procedure for the other ring 3:20 Connect the white dimming wire to the yellow wire of the low beam plug 3:40 Before closing the headlight, test all functions 3:55 Place all parts back on their position 5:10 Enjoy the beautiful result! 5:38 Daytime running light function 5:48 Dimmed function Any questions? Contact us directly! +31 (0)341-820220 Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands