Jan Magnussen in ALMS-final

It is well run by Jan Magnussen! But he is thrown into the wall 20 meters from the finish line. It is the end of the ALMS 2009 as ducks very dramatic

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RACER: Jackie Stewart On Jan Magnussen Monterey Reunion 2013
Three-time formula One world champion Jackie Stewart stops the conversation to offer his thoughts on Tommy Milner's Corvette Racing teammate Jan Magnussen, who once drove for Stewart Grand Prix, followed by Milner trying to un-besmirch the Dane's good name...

Køretur med Magnussen i Corvette ZR1. 22-04-2012
2 omgange med Jan Magnussen og mig som passager.

Jan Magnussen Laguna Seca ALMS 2012.wmv
Jan BigMag Magnussen epic overtake for P2 at Laguna Seca ALMS 2012. 14 min before end of the race, BigMag shows his skills and huge ba..s ;-) Absolute one of the best GT drivers in the world. A winner in all 12 previous seasons of the American Le Mans Series, Jan Magnussen, a four-time class winner at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, drives the No. 3 Corvette Racing C6.R in the ALMS GT category with Antonio Garcia. For more information, visit w w w.janmagnussen.c o m.

Jan Magnussen Interview Le Mans 2012 [Danish]
Jan Magnussen on stage at gptours before Le Mans 2012, talking about his expectations for the race, his new book and his son Kevin Magnussen. Camera is handheld, so a bit shaky. Deal with it.