1968 Camaro RS/SS

It is a 1968 Camaro RS/SS with a 396. It is Rallye Green with black vinyl top. It has working hideaway headlights and Tic-Toc-Tac. This is a short video of my Dad and his friend goin out for a little drive after they tuned the new Holley Carburetor. I know the belt squeaks a little but that is fixed now.

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1970 Mustang Fastback
This is a short video of my Dad and I gettin out our Mustang for the first time this year. We rev it up a little at the end too. It's pretty nice for a 302.

1994 Firebird Formula
This is a short video of my 1994 Firebird Formula. I considering getting an Exhaust system such as Flowmasters or something but I'm not sure . What do you guys think?

1968 Camaro RS Restoration Part 1
This is a slide show om my 68 RS. The car is being restored in my spare time.

1968 RS/SS Camaro
This is my brothers new antique car. I flew to Indiana to pick it up. Unfortunately the oil sending unit broke apart 50 miles into the trip home. We had to tow it back to its new home in Kansas. Good luck with your new car John. It sure is beautiful!