Top 10 Fastest Bikes in the World 2011!

Check out my Fastest Bikes In the World 2013, now updated and featuring the Suzuki Hayabusa...! : ) You'll see 10 of the coolest & fastest motorbikes you can own and ride on the roads today! Complete with full stats... BHP, 0-60mph Times, Top Speed & New Prices (if you want to buy one!) Enjoy... : )

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The 10 Greatest Isle of Man TT Rider's EVER!
**PLEASE NOTE:** This list was compiled after the 2012 TT. Things may have changed since! A countdown of the 10 best rider's ever to grace the world's greatest road race. All the stats including... race wins... fastest lap times... plus stunning pics... Enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with some of the choices. Who is your favourite? * Thanks to the official Isle of Man TT website for all the stats ( *

World's Fastest Motorcycle JET POWERED!
Full test of Jet powered sport bike on the street.

Lightning Motorcycle World's Fastest Electric SuperBike- Bonneville 2011
Run 6 of 6. This was a "video run" as the camera was right in front of Paul's face. We had some side wind (notice the bike is leaning) but the camera was angled a bit so it looks worse than it was. Paul's previous run was faster at 218.6 mph and is the first electric motorcycle to go over 200 mph. Check out the black and orange markers on the sides of the track. They are 1/4 mile apart. By the way we used 18 cents of electricity on this run and were getting the equivalent of over 50 mpg at over 200 mph. The amount of energy in the batteries would allow over 100 miles of range at normal highway speeds (not 200+).

48V electric dirt bike
Yamaha yz426f with Advance DC motors motor, 4 Genesis lead acid batteries, and alltrax axe 4845 controller. This is initial assembly with controller set at 200A. Still need to lots of finalization as far as wiring, batery securing, cosmetics, etc.