Linda Vaughn - Miss Hurst Golden Shifter Music by Paul McCartney. Song is "Style, Style" (CD single from the LP "Off The Ground). Linda Vaughn was the spokesperson for Hurst Performance Products in the 1960's as well as promoting Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Chrysler. She's a fan favorite at the Indy 500, NASCAR, and NHRA tracks, and Linda later went on to appear at Oldsmobile and Pontiac car shows. Linda never appeared to have an "off" day, a tremendously gracious and positive person, she had the same enthusiasm appearing at her first race in the 1960's as she did in the 2000's.

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Linda Vaughn On The 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour
Linda Vaughn the First Lady in Motorsports shares her reflections on the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour as well as the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

Lizzy Musi Crash In Depth
For more visit: (Explicit Language!)

Linda Vaughn Roast Trailer, Held at Lucas Oil Estate 2012
Sneak peak at the 2012 Linda Vaughn Tribute roast held at the Lucas Oil Estate. Get your copy at and laugh your arse off! MC Bob Frey and Roasters - Darrell Gwynn dressed as Linda Vaughn, Paul Candies, Chip Ganassi, Tony Stewart, Bob Glidden, John Force, John Menzler, Bob Bruegging, Corky Coker, Doc Watson, Lynn St. James, and Jeg Coughlin Jr. Over 2 1/2 hours of entertainment! See the battle of wit with NASCAR'S Tony Stewart & NHRA'S John Force...They roasted everyone except Linda!

Hemi Under Glass Last Ride
After 39 years at the wheel of one of the most famous and unusual cars in drag racing, the Hemi Under Glass, Bob Riggle decided to hang it up. We were there to capture the last runs of this iconic car and the driver who thrilled crowds at drag strips all over the country.