Dramatic STW Final 1999 - Title Decider

The classic STW final race of 1999 at the Nurburgring. This decided the championship that year. During the last lap of the race at Nurburgring, Uwe Alzen, Christian Abt's main rival for the championship was leading, with Abt 2nd. As they reached the chicane Alzen was coming up to lap Abt's teammate Kris Nissen and they both crashed. Abt was now in the lead but at the last corner, Alzen's teammate Roland Asch, who was right behind the trio and had already been black flagged in the race, crashed into Abt, taking him out. Alzen limped to the checkered flag in 2nd place and handing him the championship. But not for long as several weeks later, an amateur video proved that Asch crashed into Abt deliberately, and as a result, the DMSB, the German governing body sanctioning the STW annulled the last lap of the race, handing the championship back to Abt.

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STW 1999 Finale DSF Highlights Teil 3.divx
STW 1999 Nürburgring Finale, Interviews Christian Abt, Roland Asch, Uwe Alzen

Sandro Nannini seeks revenge (1994)
If he wanted to have a shot at the 1994 DTM-title, Alessandro Nannini of Alfa Romeo had to finish as high up as possible and certainly in front of championship leader Klaus Ludwig of Mercedes. Nannini started last and was charging through the field. He was in front of Ludwig and up to fourth place when he was hit from behind by another Mercedes driver: Roland Asch. Nannini spun and he stalled the Alfa Romeo 155. Asch robbed him of the title, but Nannini wasn't in the mood to let the German get away with it. He rushed to the Alfa Corse pits, put on fresh tires and went back on the track. Looking for Asch. And revenge.

The Best Finish Of The New DTM - Zandvoort 2001 Alzen vs Abt.mp4
The Best Finish Of The New DTM - Zandvoort 2001 Alzen vs Abt

ETCC Spa 2004, Alfa Romeo & Farfus Play Games Against BMW
Augusto Farfus shows the world how not to defend for Alfa-Romeo as he tries to help out Gabrielle Tarquini by swerving all over the road, easing people off the track and slowing the pack down. He received a penalty and thankfully BMW still managed to win the race. Drivers in the race include: Augusto Farfus, Gabrielle Tarquini, James Thompson, Jordi Gene, Antonio Garcia, Jorg Muller, Dirk Muller and Andy Priaulx