Dragshock™ / Dragshock EZ™ Suspension Demonstration

Brock's Performance president, Brock Davidson, an avid performance enthusiast and past national championship winning rider as well as tuner, explains how to adjust the rear suspension on his BMW S1000RR 'Christine' for drag race use. Follow along as he explains how the rebound dampening functions as it relates to the launch and down track acceleration between himself and his lighter 'jockeys'. Note: At 9/16th sag using a 95 Newton (542 lb.) spring with a 150 lb. rider in the saddle, a rear tire pressure of 12 psi is used. Brock's weight of around 210 lbs. suited brings the sag to 1" and a tire pressure of 18 psi is used. The bike squats a bit more than optimum, which means the spring preload should be increased a bit, or the spring rate might need to be increased -- BUT, the object is for this bike to be as fast as possible with the smaller riders--not tuned for him--so only tire pressure adjustments are made. Slick track = more rebound dampening added, more squat for more traction. Less tire pressure, if possible. Sticky Track = more spring preload, less squat, more tire pressure... although light riders tend to spin, so lower pressure is generally used. (see Jeremy's run at beginning of video, it is very close to perfect.) Bumpy Track = If the racing surface is exceptionally bumpy, the rebound dampening must be reduced (example adjust from -15 clicks to -20 clicks) to prevent high speed 'oscillation'. Stock or Short Wheelbase Applications = Stock/Short wheelbase bikes do not require as much 'squat', because they are not as prone to spinning. Since more squat leads to additional traction, this can also cause stock wheelbase bikes to wheelie. As a result, we would have a bit more static spring pressure dialed in, with more compression dampening and less rebound dampening (to force the front end back down as the rear rises). Special thanks to www.dragbikelive.com for the video coverage. Also note: This advice applies to all makes and models. The BMW S1000RR shown was simply used as a handy example for this particular video. Spring rates will differ between makes/models. Visit http://www.BrocksPerformance.com for additional information, installation instructions, information forums, and FAQ sections.

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Procedures/Efforts used to increase the Will Torres BMW S1000RR power from 176 RWHP to 198 RWHP (SAE SCALE) • Drained Fuel and replaced with VP MR12 • Drained Oil and replaced with Alisyn Less Than Zero Weight Full Synthetic Motor Oil with Petron Additive • Went for 10 mile ride (before Dyno session) to allow Petron to penetrate metal • Removed aftermarket street style air cleaner, and installed OEM air cleaner (Suggested Filter for Peformance Gain: http://www.brocksperformance.com/KN-Race-Air-Filter-BMW+I401023+C298.aspx ) • Cleaned chain with Motul Chain Clean • Lubricated chain with Alisyn Chain Lube • Removed noise reduction plug from Exhaust • Re-installed Brock's Performance CT Single Map in Dynojet PCV • Adjusted chain to proper tension Visit http://www.BrocksPerformance.com for additional information, installation instructions, information forums and FAQ sections. To read this entire story on BrocksPerformance.com with more info.: http://www.brocksperformance.com/brocknm/templates/bpp1.aspx?articleid=432& zoneid=22

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Brock's Performance Dragshock™ Setting Rider 'Sag'
The spring on your Brock's Performance Dragshock by Öhlins was pre-determined using the information gathered from your Dragshock Set-Up sheet: http://www.brocksperformance.com/brocknm/templates/bpp-plain.aspx?articleid =149&zoneid=7 We set your shock up to the best of our abilities using this information, but this is only a starting point. Many items affect rider 'sag' adjustment. Set wheelbase length, rider weight, seat location, ride height (dog bone length), even the slightest difference in aftermarket bearing block locations can make substantial differences. Safety is our primary concern! Please use this video as a guideline only. Never set a chassis up with less than 2" ground clearance with the rider in place. Check your class/race organizations rules for specific details. Here is a link to the steering dampers and dragshocks. http://www.brocksperformance.com/Dragshocks-Steering-Dampers+C38.aspx Visit http://www.BrocksPerformance.com for additional information, installation instructions, information forums, and FAQ sections.