Fasterproms Tuned ZR1 1160rwhp

1160rwhp Twin turbo 434 ci ZR1 21lbs Boost Ported heads, cam Nelson Performance Built fasterproms Dyno Tuned

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728 RWHP Ragin' Racin' 2010 ZR1 at State Capitol Raceway
11/18/11--- Billy T's first passes in his ZR1 after the Ragin' Racin' mods. 728RWHP/768TQ Launches proved difficult with 700 lb ft of TQ @ 2800 RPM on 19" drag radials. Ragin' Racin' Stage 3-LPE Pulley/Snout,14% OD Bal,RR CAI,RR "ZfoRce1" Cam,RR P/P LS9 Heads/TB/Charger,Katech Cooler,Meth Inj,Manley Springs,ARP Studs,ARH Ceramic Coated 2" LT w/Stock Mufflers,RPS BC3 Clutch,MGW Shifter,RR Tunnel Plate,RR Line Lock, etc...

Twin Turbo Cadillac CTSV 1000+RWHP tuned by Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms
Built by Nelson Performance in Miami Tuned by Jeremy Formato of fasterproms. Took the blower off and added twin 67mms and a larger forged motor. Car makes near the same TQ as HP ran 10.40s with 640RWHP should REALLY run this time. Make 800RWHP on pump gas and over 1000RWHP on race gas. Thank you for watching. Jeremy Formato

Fasterproms - WORLDS FIRST 9 SECOND 2015 C7 Z06!!! 9.87 @ 138mph
Worlds first 2015 C7 Z06 in the 9's! ******BOLT ON'S ONLY****** 9.87 @ 138mph This week we added our fasterproms custom 2.31 pulley and ported the blower. Headed back to the track tonight and had awesome results. We are still working out a few bugs and testing the limits of the fuel system. Dropped a couple of MPH in 3rd and 4th gear, she should run 142/143. Jeremys first pass he ran 140mph shutting down at 1100ft. List of Mods- - fasterproms custom tune by Jeremy Formato - fasterproms custom 2.31 pulley - fasterproms Ported Supercharger - Modified air box, and air duct with modified AFE CAI - fasterproms Thermal reduction plates That reduce blower heat soak - fasterproms Flex fuel kit- This is a flex fuel sensor that we make to allow us to run on blended e85/pump gas - fasterproms 1.5Gal Expansion tank tank for greater supercharge coolant capacity - ARH 1.875 headers - Hoosier 315/30/18 dr's

Top Gear America - 458 vs Zr-1 Part 2.wmv