Eagle Talon 16G 1/4 Mile 12.4 @ 114mph Run

Stock motor daily driver on street tires and E85 gas. Built by BSM and tuned by LeX

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1997 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 16G Turbo 23 PSI Pull
My buddy's Eagle Talon doing a short sprint to 100 mph. He's running about 23 lbs of Boost making around 350 WHP through a 16G turbo. This engine was completely rebuilt by the privious owner. Rear sea

Talon AWD TSI 10.8@125 EVOIII 16G Automatic E85
TJ 1992 Talon TSI Stock Automatic 10.8@125. With interior and street tires. We think to be the worlds fastest AWD AUTO 16g car.

Mike Faggiano going for 10s in his 16G Stock Motor Talon!
Mike F making another attempt to run a 10second pass on his Stock Motor 16G STM Built and Tuned Talon! Stock Motor E85 Evo 3 16G Emery@STM Tuned

Eagle Talon 1990 16g Turbo
320whp Dyno'd - 0-60 on average = 4.9 seconds