Eagle Talon 16G 1/4 Mile 12.4 @ 114mph Run

Stock motor daily driver on street tires and E85 gas. Built by BSM and tuned by LeX

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Mike Faggiano going for 10s in his 16G Stock Motor Talon!
Mike F making another attempt to run a 10second pass on his Stock Motor 16G STM Built and Tuned Talon! Stock Motor E85 Evo 3 16G Emery@STM Tuned

E85 16G Talon 12.62 @ 111.62mph bandimere
Ran a 12.62 at 111.62 mph racing my talon tsi AWD for the first time down Bandimere Speedway. Boost spiked to about 24 psi and held 21 psi to redline, 20* of timing @ 7000rpm, clutch was slipping through gears. E85 E316G turbo running speed density on ecmlink V3 tuned by myself. Stock 7-bolt,ARP headstuds,1G TB,E3 16g ported,tubular Exhaust manifold wrapped,tubular 02 housing,3" turbo back Exhaust w/MR muffler,VRSF FMIC,aluminum radiator w/fan shroud,Forge BOV,hallman pro BC,170* thermostat,FIC 1250 bluemax,walbro 255HP w/rewire,Fuelab 515 AFPR,act 2600 w/street disc, fidanza 8lb flywheel,built trans by jack,link V3lite,speed density,E-85,GM IAT,Omni-power 4 bar

Best ENDO in a Talon Ever! 9 second 1g awd dsm drag race, Nick Stack
Nick Stack 1g awd dsm drag race This is what happens with not enough Boost on the launch and a bad injector clip, losing contact on the launch. After tearing the car apart twice in 3 weeks and redoing the wiring harness twice as well Nick was out for the first time this season. Car was only running on 3 cylinders and by the time we figured out the cause the lanes were closed. It was an aftermarket injector clip that appeared to have never been fully crimped inside the connector since new. New England Dragway - Epping, NH. May 10, 2013 New England DSM.

1990 Eclipse GSX Quarter Mile 1/4 -Stock - 010/20/2013
Last day the track was open, went to log some data and tune with ECMLink.