Noble M600 @ Ascari Race Resort.mp4

680BHP, No ABS... A proper car! A hair raising ride around Ascari Race Resort in the incredible Noble M600 - RS Academy's first Guest Car! Visit

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Porsche GT3 RS at Ascari Feb 2011
Watch this Porsche GT3 RS at the hands of 'the Stiglet' of RS Academy at Ascari, as he chases down another GT3 RS. See more at

Ascari - Dunn vs Kapadia!
A short video featuring Alex Kapadia & Anthony Dunn battling on track in the Nevada Cup at the Ascari Race Resort. Both come out of the pits at the same time although Anthony is a lap down on Alex. Anthony catches Alex and the two have a side by side battle through 3 corners (although it's difficult to see on the video). A few laps afterwards Anthony lets Alex back past after being shown blue flags and is keen not to hold up the leader who is also trying to beat Martin / Alex Brundle's SR8 to the chequered flag. Alex disappears into the distance shortly after this...must try harder next time Anthony!

Radical SR3 around Ascari
Lap time: 2:08.3

Ascari Race Resort - Radical SR3
One lap at Ascari Race Resort with the new Radical SR3.