Noble M600 @ Ascari Race Resort.mp4

680BHP, No ABS... A proper car! A hair raising ride around Ascari Race Resort in the incredible Noble M600 - RS Academy's first Guest Car! Visit

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Porsche GT3 RS at Ascari Feb 2011
Watch this Porsche GT3 RS at the hands of 'the Stiglet' of RS Academy at Ascari, as he chases down another GT3 RS. See more at

ASCARI KZ1R - Ultra Rare Supercar BRUTAL V8 SOUND
ASCARI KZ1R Driven by Jon Oakley from Oakley Design Poznań, Poland 2008 Probably the only 'not racing' KZ1R? Anyone knows how many have been produced? Music by: Dangerous Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Ascari Formula 1 at Ascari Race Resort, video! All you want to know about Ascari Formula 1 and the Ascari Race Resort. Real Formula One cars at the private race track of Klaas Zwart. You can book the Ascari Race Resort also for: - Meetings: - Events: - Conferences - Car testing days - 4x4 driving experience

Radical SR3 around Ascari
Lap time: 2:08.3