Goodbye ferrari 308GTB

crushing ferrari

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Crushing Cars & Destroy Anything - Technology Solutions
Crushing Cars & Destroy Anything - Technology Solutions - Car crusher: Car crusher is an industrial device used to reduce the dimensions of derelict (depreciated) cars prior to transport for recycling. A Ford van being crushed in St. Louis MO a blue 1990s Lincoln Town Car after crushing Car crushers are compactors and can be of several types: one is a "pancake", where a scrap automobile is flattened by a huge descending hydraulically powered plate, or a baling press type, with which the automobile is compressed from several directions until it resembles a large cube. A third type is a mobile crusher. It is small enough that it can be moved from location to location with a semi truck. This machine utilizes a much smaller plate that crushes the vehicle in sections, as it is slowly fed through the machine.

What happens when you don't pay your employees
Car Crushed by Huge Wheel Loader

La Ferrari, Lamorghini, Ford Mustang Crash!!! SUPERCAR CRASH COMPILATION 2016
Part 2: Cars worth over 2 000 000 CRASHING!!

Car Crushing and Shredding - CARnage 06
Every day, our world relies on heavy-duty vehicles and machinery to efficiently process raw materials and recycle obsolete products. Today, CARnage takes a look at these awesome machines via video clips featuring ordinary vehicles for scale. Have a video you'd like to submit? Send it to or post it to our Facebook page Check out all the episodes: CARnage 01 CARnage 02 CARnage 03 CARnage 04 CARnage 05 CARnage 07 CARnage 08 CARnage 09 CARnage 10 CARnage 11 CARnage 12 CARnage 13 CARnage 14 CARnage 15