MGB MG B Roadster Tartan Red

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MGB 50 Blenheim Palace 23rd September 2012 Highlights from the MGB 50 event at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock 23rd September 2012. A gathering of over 2000 MGBs and their derivatives and other MG Models.

MGB GT de 1976

MGB MG B Tartan Red 1970
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MGB Roadster in the New Forest
An edited version of a short trip in the New Forest in my 1970 MGB Roadster (red, chrome bumpers, wire wheels, walnut dash and overdrive). Sister in car with me (aged 13, hence some odd utterances), and my phone was taking the video attached to the windscreen by a tacky, cheap, plasticky thing I bought off Amazon for all of £5.99, hence the rather shaky video. Enjoy