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Masato Kawabata vs. Daigo Saito (D1 Tsuiso Dream Match - Final / Odaiba)
D1GP Russian Fan Page: VK.COM/D1GP_VK

CRAZY Nissan GTR Drifting vs Nascar V8 powered GT86 | Kawabata vs Aasbø
Good battle between Masato Kawabata and Fredrc Aasbø. Both cars are insane and maad!

GT-R Drift on Turnpike HAKONE | TOYO TIRES
On November 18, 2014 we arranged for the Turnpike HAKONE to be fully blocked. Masato Kawabata, a member of the "Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST Racing" driving a 1,000-hp GT-R , participated in a hill climb race sponsored by "MOTORHEAD" the motor culture magazine. 2014年11月18日、ターンパイク箱根を全線封鎖。 自動車雑誌『モーターヘッド』が主催したヒルクライム (登坂競技)にて、「Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST RACING」の川畑真人選手が1000馬力のGT-Rを唸らせました。 最高到達速度215Km/hのハイスピードからの豪快なドリフ 走行は必見! Team TOYO TIRES DRIFTのドリフト映像はこちらから!

GT-R Drift on Turnpike Hakone in the Rain | TOYO TIRES
November 18, 2015. Late afternoon. The MAZDA Turnpike Hakone was foggy and the rain was coming down hard. Horrible conditions but that didn't stop Masato Kawabata of Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST RACING challenge a hill climb in his trusty GT-R. Raindrops battered the windshield and the mountain pass started to get darker as the sun began to set. With the rain pouring down Kawabata displayed his superb technique as he climbed the hill. Watch this great example of the GT-R drifting. Check GT-R Drift on the Turnpike Hakone Ⅱ 2015年11月18日夕刻。MAZDAターンパイク箱根は、濃い霧に われ、激しい雨が降る最悪のコンディション。 「Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST RACING」の川畑真人選手は、相棒のGT-Rとともにヒルクラ ムに挑みました。 水滴のたたきつけるフロントガラス。日が沈むにつれ徐 々に暗くなる峠道。 降りしきる雨の中、果敢にヒルクライムに挑む川畑選手 とGT-Rの映像をお楽しみください。 こちらもご覧下さい。 GT-R Drift on the Turnpike Hakone Ⅱ