Datsun 510 @ DeAnza Autocross

1969 Datsun 510 SCCA 1991 National Champion EP Driver Tom Anker

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Datsun 510 -Acrophobia- #Yuii 2nd Teaser Music :

510 at UFO510 Autocross Marina 4/5/09
510 Datsun autocross Marina airport cone killer

Roadkill "Rotsun" Autocross at GoodGuys
The guys from Hot Rod Magazine's web show "Roadkill" were there to run a 71 Datsun Z they'd picked up for $600. If you haven't seen the show before - check it out, its a hoot. They spent plenty of $ on an engine and installed a 4.3 Ltr Chevy V6 from an S10, added a turbo from a Ford Powerstroke diesel truck and rear end, I think, from a Subaru WRX. They apparently blew up the first diff and had to find a second but it seemed to be holding up. The passenger door was held shut using a sliding bolt latch welded on the outside. The car looked like a real POS but was running fairly good times and beating a lot of over muscled Camaros and Corvettes w/ so-so drivers. It is the essence of "run what you brung" hot rodding.

NCR AutoX -Redline on the Flightline 2009- #4 SM - Datsun 510
Mark's beautiful 510 coupe making a run around the cones.