- Import DPS 7 Second Nissan 240SX!!!

Checkout the drag Nissan built by Import DPS. Checkout for more videos!!!!

More Videos... - RX-7 Loses Wheel and Eclipse Close Call Crash
Checkout these 2 crazy turn of events during a drag race at Englishtown's Raceway park. Checkout for the clothing that represents the import drag race lifestyle. Checkout for more videos!!!

Turbocharged Nissan 240SX RB26 Skyline
The Power of a 240

First Drive KA24DET 240SX
First ride around the block with the KA24DET. T3/T4 turbo full of awesomeness. 7 PSI (TIAL 38MM) OPEN DUMP Boost DESIGNS MANIFOLD MR TYPE 2 Exhaust 3" T3/T4 .57 TRIM .60 A/R DW 550CC INJECTORS Z32 MAF CalumSult RT ECU Walbro 255 Pump - The AWD Junk Box @ Englishtown!!
Checkout this sleeper. It is an all wheel drive Hyundai Elantra!! Checkout for more videos!!!