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Road rage truck driver Adelaide.wmv

Please read this description before comment. The driver of truck XYO 780 after driving aggressively and catching up with ute (no not the trailer driver) driver gets out (look in the left truck mirror 1:41 and again 2:04 you see him get out and back in) and abuses him/her (I didn't see what caused the aggravation).(The brake lights on when trailer brakes applied) He needs to calm down in a big rig, this is an accident waiting to happen.


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Road Rage (сars incidents compilation) part3
original video without music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-A5Xai43h0 accident with blue Kamaz, the consequences of the crash. no one died, even truck driver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hPLVUGVKhg&feature=player_embedded#!

ROAD RAGE IN ADELAIDE truck VS car UNCUT FOOTAGE original video of what was seen on channel nine news
original footage that was given to channel nine in adelaide and used on the news 19/12/2008 i kind of feel sorry for this guy, i guess he had a bad day!! but still no excuse for his actions, All i can think about is what if it was just my wife and daughter in the car , or my mother or grandma, Would he have done the same thin?? scary to think about really!!!

In Truck Footage. Driving in Melbourne.
These are a few clips of what you see when driving around Melbourne in a B-Double. This is my first attempt at making a clip like this so any advice or comments are welcome. The video was taken by an AutoCam windscreen mounted HD camera and can be found at www.onsitecameras.com.au/car-camera.php Cheers , Full Noise

Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD
Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD Part Two You can find part one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugYh0wzUq84 ===== ===== Подборка дтп Новые, свежие ролики в подборке аварий и ДТП подборка аварий 2014, дтп аварии, dtp na video registrator, дтп аварии 2014, car crash compilation, аварии видеорегистратор, Страшные аварии 2014, avarii na dorogah, car crash compilation 2014, Страшные автомобильных аварии 2014, Подборка аварий 2014, podborka avarii, podborka avarii 2014, car crashes, podborka avarii 2014, Жестокие аварии 2014, Жестокие автомобильных аварии 2014, Самые страшные аварии, avarii gruzovik, car crashes 2014, The crash chanel, Самые ужасающие аварии, авариї, авариї 2014, car accidents, аварии 2014, аварии 2014 видео, car accidents 2014, ютуб аварии 2014, avto avariya, авария на трассе, avto avarii, crashes, podborka avarii, авария на трассе 2014, ютуб видео аварии 2014, аварии на видеорегистратор видео 2014, последние новости авария, последние аварии, avarii v rossii 2014, avarii na registrator, аварии за последние сутки, аварии за последнюю неделю, дтп видео 2014, avto avarii 2014, avto avaria, дтп 2014 года, дтп трасса 2014, дтп 2014 сводка, авто после дтп, последствия дтп, подборка дтп 2014, свежая подборка аварий, дтп за сегодня, подборка дтп, ежедневная подборка аварий, подборка дтп за сегодня, новые аварии, podborka dtp, авария сегодня, дтп 2014, авто аварии России, аварии 2014, Лобовое ДТП, ежедневная подборка аварий, ежедневная подборка дтп, ДТП, Ужасные аварии, Ужасные автомобильных аварии Road Rage RoadRage America USA 2014 HD Driving In Russia August 2014 Driving In Russia August 2014 Driving In Russia August 2014 Russian Road Rage TAGS: "fail compilation" "daily fails" "daily fail compilation" "monthly fail compilation" "best fails" "best fails of the day" "best fails of the week" "epic fail" todays fails "best fails today" "latest fails" road rage "russian road rage" People are awesome" "free movies" "best of" "newest fails" fail compilation of the week day month best weekly daily monthly collection epic drunk funny pranks stupid Awesome idiot wipeout hilarious faceplant lol

Road rage in spain
5 gipsys decide to take out their road rage on a trio in a Citroen. This happened 18th October 2011 in Madrid, tunnel on road M30. The crazy gipsies were guys with criminal history. Link to the story below, english google translation... http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=U TF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.adn.es%2Flocal%2Fmadrid%2F20111027% 2FNWS-0522-Detienen-agredieron-ocupantes-personas-coche.html

Toyota Hilux vs Volvo Truck : Road Rage battle on a highway!
Road rage battle of a Toyota Hilux pickup vs Volvo Truck on an expressway in thailand

Truckies now have an electronic eye on the road.
http://www.littleripparoadcam.com - Whenever there is a major road accident in Australia, truckies get the blame. Now with the benefit of the Little Rippa Road Cam fitted inside their driving cabins, you can see first hand, who caused the accident. All Australian trucks should be fitted with this electronic devise.

Road fraud attempt on truck driver
Driver attempts to commit road fraud for a fast payday on a trucker and his company. The location was in California in heavy rush-hour conditions. Camera system was a Dieselboss.com DB4 model on medium quality setting. Day, dusk, evening, and night video example also shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsmqr5vo340

Road rage after caught on her phone - "Do you know who I am? My UNCLE is a very famous politician"
Updated the title as sounds (as unlikely as it could be) that her UNCLE is the "Very famous politician". Which makes even less sense.. This is part way through this woman's response to me (a pedestrian waiting to cross the road) telling her to "get off your phone" while she was driving up Albion st in Surry Hills, Sydney. She had stopped right in front of me as a car in front of her reverse parked and was texting/smsing away. 22/08/2013 at lunchtime. Started some bizarre responses including threats to follow me, or have someone follow me and a "You must be a Labor party voter" which was pretty bizarre. So I'm guessing she's a Liberal party MP's wife (she said husband or maybe uncle?) then if that's some sort of insult in her world? Then as she backed up and wouldn't leave and kept on - I got out my phone to take a picture of her number plate - decided on video instead as she wasn't going anywhere despite all the people beeping and me telling her to move on. So enjoy this insight into the world of entitled politician's relative too arrogant to just acknowledge she'd done something wrong and implying she had high up powers to get me for daring to tell her to get off her phone. She even had it in her hand when she's saying she doesn't have a phone.. And apparently she's carrying out a drug use survey because that seemed to be very important for her to find out if I'd taken drugs. Or perhaps whether she might claim I was hallucinating. So Ms BVA 42K - Black BMW X3 - your driving attention needs some definite improvement especially along a street like Albion with pedestrian crossings and cars entering from side streets. That and perhaps think about whether to use the words "Do you know who I am?" when you are going to then tell me who your uncle is. Note: it's illegal to touch a phone while driving - let alone write out messages. Whether stopped or not - it's not permitted (or smart). Copyright notice - please contact me for permission if going to be used for commercial purposes.

Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD
Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugYh0wzUq84 Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0jgk9U7yvU Check out my other videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/top10comp/videos Don't forget to Subscribe! :)

Amazing Video - Near-miss on highway. 7 News
A van almost slams head-on into a truck on a Western Australian highway. Shown on 7 News Perth.

Asian Road Rage - Truck VS Motorcycles
Original footage is from http://www.youtube.com/user/mika8982 Edited by myself with Mika's permission. My wife watched the video and said "I think the truck driver is jealous." I laughed and said yes that's exactly right. The truck driver is working and the bikers are on expensive vehicles and are enjoying a day off...so he decides to mess with them....end of story. Oh and the truck driver lost his job and license after this hit the Taiwan media. 感謝讓我使用的視頻 Mika8982.

Motorcycle Road Rage - Laser Pointer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AridersLifeOfficial A series of tossers that i encounter on my bike Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AridersLifeOfficial Camera: Drift Innovations HD170 - Stealth - 720p Motorbike: 1998 Honda Hornet CB600f Edited with Final Cut Pro X on mac Helmet, KBC

Road Rage with a big Truck
Guy in Red pick up truck trys to slam on brakes in front of a semi truck . Truck was loaded at 45000 lbs total weight of the big truck 79878 lbs. Trucker trys to avoid him but he trys to swerve in front of the big truck . In my books if the trucker was to wreck becuse of this idiot i think this would be called attempted murder.

Linfox, another Linfox Bully on our roads
If this is the standard of Linfox drivers, I strongly suggest they undergo further training. Licences from the back of cornflake packets just don't cut it on today's roads. I did contact Linfox in regards to this incident; however, I received no reply.

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