Seat Leon Supercopa - Spork Racing Team - FIA GT onboard race 1

Last weekend of the belgian touring car series. this movie contains onboard images of the first race on saturday 24 Oktober 2009. The car is a Seat Leon Supercopa run by Spork Racing Team. The pilot Is Jimmy Adriaenssens. Created by Olivier Cristel

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Seat Leon Supercopa Special - ZEMP Motorsport - Bergrennen Reitnau & Oberhallau 2013 Hillclimb
Seat Leon Supercopa von Zemp Motorsport im Renneinsatz bei den Bergrennen Reitnau und Oberhallau in der Saison 2013. Pilotiert wird das Fahrzeug von Michel Zemp, er startet ansonsten in der GTWC siehe unter

SEAT Leon Supercopa onboard II Hockenheim
Onboard Finale Hockenheim 2006 Race 1 Philipp Leisen

LEON CUPRA (0-273km h)
Seat Leon Cupra (0-273km h)

My Cupra R
JE Design Cupra R with Supersprint Exhaust and KW suspension. Note: Lap on Nürburgring was done without performance parts and technical problems regarding the suspension. Next summer, I'll do a complete video of a lap with full performance.