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76 Trans Am - Butler 535 Pontiac for sale
76 Trans Am Street Warrior- SOLD – Factory Steel body, over 1000 Watt stereo, over drive transmission, full Exhaust and interior, is this a race car? The intent was to maintain the original classic qualities, yet have an insane amount of power in a street car. The engine is IA2 Pontiac block Butler Performance 535 CID Fuel Injected, Dyno tuned naturally aspirated 829HP pump gas, over 1100 HP with Nitrous. This is a bracket engine built for street driving manners and durability. The only thing Edelbrock about the heads was they started as raw castings. Butler's CNC porting and larger valves increased flow to 365 cfm. It has the first dual sync EFI distributor produced right off the test engine. Peak torque is at 5200 rpm and peak HP is 6900 rpm and has been tested to 7200 rpm. This is a true street car with full interior, so no wheel tubes for wide slicks. This car was built to be a true street car that is driven to the track and also raced on the street. The Exhaust has 2” ceramic coated Super Comp headers, 3.5” full length full length Exhaust, 3 chamber Flowmaster mufflers, and we even duplicated the factory style dual tail pipes by hand making them 3.5”. It has the proper lumpy aggressive idle that is in concert with how much the car shakes when sitting at idle. Computer speakers do not do the sound justice. This car runs 9's in the quarter mile on 10.5" slicks, but it has a 6 point role bar so I only run it in the low 10’s. It has been run into the 9’s prompting a ban from a track. The transmission is a TCI 6X overdrive 6 speed is matched with a 4700 rpm lockup converter that allows highway cruising at 2100 rpm for great fuel economy and top speeds over 210 MPH. The TCI 6X tranny has a Reid SFI removable bell housing and is run by a fully programmable race controller by PCS and paddle shifters with display was installed after the photos and video. A lot of details went into make the engine bay clean and bright with modern show car finishing. The rear axle is a Ford 9” by Moser, 35 spline shafts, a Detroit Locker, 3.89 gears, ladder bar suspension, and Willwood brakes. QA1 coil over shocks on all 4 corners. Every single part and fitting is the best you can buy. It is one thing to make big engine power, but parts that are ultra-durable for the track and also stand up to street driving are triple the price. 2 full days on an engine Dyno & 10 hours of street driving to tune the FAST XFI fuel injection. The XFI also has built in traction control (not that I spent much time at the track to program it properly as I am a street guy not a bracket racer). You can add programs so can have a normal cruising & race tune, a Nitrous mode, traction control mode, and even add a tune so that you can simply change the fuel and at the flip of the switch you can run 100% ethanol, methanol or alcohol. The XFI also has built in data logger or you can use a laptop while racing to record data from sensors. The body is all steal. It seems impossible to find 76 front bumpers that are not spider cracked, so a one off fiberglass bumper was hand made with a steel impact bar. 275 60R15 rear street tires were used for the video/pics but the car also comes with 10.5x28 slicks on 15x10 matching rims. I competed in the 2012 Rimbey 200 foot street shoot out. I won the street tire class, drove over 1 hour there on the highway, raced and drove home all on less than 1 tank of pump gas. This car was featured in Pontiac Enthusiast July 2010. Invested in this build was over $85k USD just in performance parts. This does not include buying the car, restoration parts, show car body work, $20k for a mirror finish paint job, and over 2000 hours of skilled fabrication and customization. You cannot build this car for less than $200k USD. I have the Dyno sheets and a full appraisal with points scoring for the condition of every aspect of the car and a full spread sheet of all the parts and costs. The appraised value is much higher than my sell price. If you are looking for the fastest Trans Am race car you can buy, then move on. This is not a hacked together bracket race car, but executed with attention to detail for the highest level of show and go. If you want a Trans Am that keeps to its original body and looks (79 tail light swap was done), has an engine bay that belongs in a jewelry store, can tear up the street, turn fast numbers at the track for a 3900 lb full interior car, and cruise around with mild manors on the street with durability and reliability, then this is the Ultimate Trans Am. Car Shows, Race Track, or Street Cruising, this Street Warrior is on the HUNT.

Pork Chop Pontiac Drag Testing

Shakedown Pass on 1963 Pontiac Le Mans - APS Racing USA & RJ Fabrication
Frank Scorcia purchased this 1963 Pontiac Le Mans from a used-car lot back in the early 1990s for a $100. In 1997 Frank decided to transform the Le Mans into a Le Monster. He hired RJ fabrication to do the fabrication and building of the car. (See RJ Fabrication links below) The Le Mans has a tall deck Pontiac from Butler Racing Engines and is coupled to a Hughes Performance Transmission and Torque Converter supplied by APS Racing USA. Frank also purchased many other car parts from APS Racing USA If you are in the need of some great fabrication work call RJ Fabrication at 760-244-7410 or a Hughes Performance Transmission or other performance parts at great prices call APS Racing USA at 760-488-7978. Stay tuned for future videos of this car.... APS Racing USA Hughes Performance Transmissions, Torque Converters and Transmission Components tml ml s.html Like us on FaceBook RJ Fabrication Like us on FaceBook s RJ Fabrication 63 Pontiac Le Mans project photo album 63_Lemans.html

Rodney Butler 7.08 Twin Turbo GTO
Rodney Butler @ Maple Grove