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The Phoenix: Ted Nugent Bronco [S5 Ep.3-3]
There is a saying that for every good side of something , there's also a dark side. Today on GEARZ, Stacey goes there as he reveals what to do when bad things happen to good projects. Using Ted Nugent's old broken down and discarded Bronco as an example, he shows how to start over and re-kindle the passion in a project that has been given up on by everybody else. If your project has been stolen or stripped, or has become stranded by hard times, sometimes all it needs is a little change of direction to get it to rise out of the ashes and soar again. If Stacey can get Ted's old Bronco to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes and fly again, you can do the same thing with your project too! You just have to roll up your sleeves and get to it!

Building a Shop [Full Episode Season 8 Ep 1]
We dig into the ultimate how-to project--building a shop! It’s an incredible transformation as Stacey and crew take a huge open warehouse and build it into the new GEARZ shop. Along the way you’ll pick up all kinds of tips and tricks that Stacey uses when he’s setting up a useable work space, no matter how large. With today’s economy, there are more and more people thinking about opening a shop, or converting their existing garage space into a more useable area. This show can help you do that. After that, Stacey shows how to stop rust dead in it’s tracks by using the simplest tool in the box…….a paint brush!

Junkyard Truck [S4 Ep.2-1]
On this episode, Stacey goes where all of us have been before to pull an old derelict SEMI TRUCK ('69 Loadstar/International) out of a quiet junkyard to demonstrate the steps necessary to get an old, neglected vehicle running again. From rat's nests to chicken poop, it's all here as Stacey slowly coaxes the old truck back to life. This show definitely drives the point home that if something like this can be revived, there's NOTHING that you should be afraid to tackle as long as you are armed with a set of tools and a sense of adventure! Go get 'em!

History of Cherry Bomb Glasspacks on Stacey David's GearZ