Porsche 5 Speed to VW Beetle Bug Conversion, Motor Meister

Complete Porsche Speed 915 Transmission Transaxle Conversion to VW Beetle-Karman Ghia-Type 3-VW Bus 5 Speed Billter Bearing Carrier Transmission external oil cooler converted Pro Sleeved bearing inserts Limited Slip Full Rebuilt Custom Nise cone Custom axle flanges

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VW Beetle with 180hp Porsche Engine DRIVE & SOUND 1080p
OnBoard VW Beetle with nice Porsche flat engine.(Modified VW Type 4) Engine mods of the VW Beetle: http://fatperformance.com/home/ TachoTV is YOUR channel if you are interessted in acceleration and sound of Sports Cars.

vw 1973 beetle 250hp Porcshe Boxter engine
http://atomicautoreviews.blogspot.com/ vw 1973 beetle CALL ME IF YOUR INTERESTED IN BUYING THIS...ITS FOR SALE AS OF 1/27/2017... 619 319 7594 Okay thanks for checking out our Atomic Auto Reviews Page Today I will be showing you a 1973 Vokswagen Beetle that has been converted into a pretty cool machine. cool bug. Here's my auto review. This low profile, canary yellow bug boast trims and add ons that the enthusiast will really love. If you love German then this ride is really going to rev you up with 250 horse power feul injected Porsche Boxter 911 factory engine under the hood. This is every beetle guys . Also in the Porchse family are these 18" stock Porchse alloy rims and low profiles ...real road huggers and sexy... The outside of this car is virtually dent and ding free a real beauty for any collector. Going inside we find ITAMI racing seats to hold you in while the lowered suspension grips the road delivered by all the horsey's behind you. This durable black leather vinyl blend looks great on the seats and headliners. The look and feel keeps the constant cool look that you might expect from looking from the outside. It really keeps up with the stock feel of an ol d bug roadster while still stylishly bringing the overall yellow black around for a truely eye pleasing look. The dash board is beetle mania all the way with a few additions to the normal factory look boasting the gauges from the Porsche 911 install. There also is a kickin sound system with remote control to impress the ladies and surround sound thumping 4 high hats and base under the hood. I'll leave you with the view of the 911 engine and I wish you could of heard in bubble and girgle, but I had too many copyrighted songs being played in the background to include the sound of the engine. I guess I'll have to leave it as a teaser for my next video. Thanks for checking out Atomic Autos Reviews...Don't forget to like this video and share with your friends if you liked it. I've got more video's coming, so stay tuned. Oh yea dont forget the cool Netami racing seats.

Volkswagen 1303 with Porsche parts
A well used Volkswagen 1303 getting some TLC with Porsche parts and a new engine (1915 ccm). Building thread (in Norwegian): http://www.vwnorge.no/index.php/topic,3109.0.html A short ride: https://youtu.be/ST_tsraluWA First startup of engine: https://youtu.be/I3AKL6vadoY

VW Käfer, Porsche Salzburg Käfer
1,6ltr, 138 PS 5800 U/min, 46 IDA, org. Auspuff ,verbaut im Original 1973 Salzburg Rallye 1303 Käfer