Lydden Hill Circuit - Beetle Challenge - In Car Footage 2008 - Aircooled VW Beetle Racing

In car footage of the Beetle Challenge race in the BARC TinTops at Lydden Hill Race Track. Racing Aircooled Volkswagen Bugs.

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This 2086cc 7-cylinder radial engine is made of aircooled volkswagen parts. The (mostly modified) used parts are cilinders, pistons, cilinderheads, pushrods, bearings, valvetrain, oilpump and starter of a 1200 Beetle. The engine has electronic ignition, fuel pump, and a double Solex 2 x 40mm carburator. The rest of the needed parts are made by myself.

Air Cooled Volkswagen Fuel Pressure Adjustment
This video outlines how to adjust your fuel pressure to your carb or carbs. This process is overlooked too often and is vital in having your VW run correctly. Anytime you change your fuel pump or fuel pump push rod you MUST do this test.

220 hp bugs in the pits and on the track

"What's in my car?" tour
Hi guys. This is my what's in my car tour. This is a 2005 volkswagen beetle. This is my first youtube video so sorry for all the imperfections. Hope you guys enjoy. Thumbs up and comment any questions. Thankyou. Info in description box below Year: 2005 Color: Blue Retractable aux plug - $3.75 on ebay Pink charging kit- $9.50 on ebay Pepper spray- 3 pack for $10 on ebay Blue key cover- $7.95 on ebay Pink daisy + vase - $20 ebay Solar power flip flap- $4.40 ebay 5 non slip mats- $1.99 ebay Pink daisy antenna top- $7.00 ebay