Caliber srt4 vs neon srt4

Cali mods: MS1K, Mpx 3.5 dp catless, agp fmic, agp wastegate, 3"intake, Boost at 18psi. Nsrt mods: stage1, agp fmic, aem intake, meth kit, downpipe, muffler delete, and other goodies that I don't kno about.

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MS1K first vid after install.
MS1K installed on an 08 Dodge Caliber srt-4. Rev limiter increased to 7k. 15-16 lbs of Boost. Best tune available!

Caliber SRT4 vs Mustang on bottle vs BMW 335i vs SRT4 vs Cobalt SS
Just having some fun with fast Mustangs on bottles. Stock 5.0 need not apply. :) Running 23 psi on pump gas map. Will be tuned on e85 in the future. Stay tune for a bump in whp for the Caliber SRT4. The last red stang was a 15 roll he had a 125 shot & on drag radials. The last run was the SRT4 vs. Cobalt.

Trifecta Cobalt ss/tc turbo vs Caliber SRT-4 MS1K tuned
2009 Cobalt ss/tc - 23psi trifecta tune, K*N SRI, ZZP downpipe 2009 Caliber SRT-4 - AGP wastegate, MS1K, Realtune downpipe/Exhaust, AEM intake.

Caliber srt4 vs Srt4 neon
slight confusion at light. Caliber mods: Intake Exhaust Bov hks Ms1kv3 tuned pcm. Neon srt4: intake Exhaust tuned pcm agp wastegate fmic bigger injectors hks Bov