Rod & Kulture Drag Festival at Famoso Raceway » Cali Car Scene #5

Visit for more photos and video of retro funny cars, nitro dragsters, and hot rods from the Rod & Kulture Dragfest at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield CA! Shot with

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MotorMavens | Formula Drift | Seattle
Last weekend, Formula Drift in Monroe, Washington was unforgettable. Tons of familiar faces and unusually warm weather made for the best FD experience I've ever had. Because I've been shooting at this location so much lately, I was able to take my time and really enjoy the event, rather than scrambling to get shots. Last weekend also marked a milestone for me, as it had been one year since shooting my first FD event with a media pass. FD Seattle '09 was also when I met quite a few friends in the industry, such as Antonio Alvendia, Larry Chen, Drew Fishbein, Ross Fairfield, Will Roegge, and Josh Herron, among many others. Last year around this time, I knew next to no one and now I can comfortably say I feel at home in the professional and grassroots drifting communities. With this video, I chose to take a much lighter approach than last year as a representation of the comfort and relaxation I now feel among my fellow videographers, photographers, and drivers who congregate for these great events. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me along the way, especially the MotorMavens Crew, Formula Drift, Evergreen Drift, and KP Race. Without all the love, it just wouldn't be worth it. Thank you. :: Justin Shreeve

JDM or USDM on AE86 Corolla GTS? » 86FEST SEMA Project Car VLOG #1
86FEST is building a SEMA Project Car! MotorMavens/ 86FEST/ Cipher Garage Founder Antonio visits RSPEC Auto in Van Nuys CA to talk about the beginning stages of SEMA Project AE86. More details and photos will be available on Shot & Edited by @AntonioSureshot License Free Music by SUBSCRIBE to MOTORMAVENS on YouTube so you don't miss any of our videos! Connect to @MOTORMAVENS Web » YouTube: » Facebook » Instagram » Twitter » Tumblr » Vine: @MOTORMAVENS Connect to @86FEST Web » Facebook » Instagram »

Wheels, Engine Bays, and Models: Blox Evolution Car Show HD - San Francisco » Cali Car Scene #14
Check out the cars with the best wheels and engine bays, and the hottest models at the Blox Evolution car show at Pier 70 in San Francisco! Let us know which cars/models were your favorite, and please don't forget to "LIKE" our videos & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! :) Instagram & Twitter » @MOTORMAVENS Facebook » Tumblr » SHOT & EDITED BY: Alex Siguenza • @92shashin ROYALTY FREE MUSIC courtesy of FirstCom Composers Alexander Ace Baker [BMI], Clair Marlo [BMI] Publishers First Digital Music BMI Library EVO

Just Drift At Horse Thief Mile, Willow Springs » Cali Car Scene #6
Just Drift held a drifting practice event at Horse Thief Mile, the touge road course at Willow Springs International Raceway. Drivers include Calvin Wan (Team Falken FD3S RX7), Cyrus Martinez (Megan 350Z), Charlie Ongsingco and Henry Shelley (Federal S13).