Rod & Kulture Drag Festival at Famoso Raceway » Cali Car Scene #5

Visit for more photos and video of retro funny cars, nitro dragsters, and hot rods from the Rod & Kulture Dragfest at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield CA! Shot with

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Rod and Kulture Dragfest at Famoso Raceway » Cali Car Scene #8
Burnouts and nostalgic drag racing at Rod and Kulture's Dragfest 2010

What is up guys! Hope you are all enjoing the content so far, This past Sunday we were at the Import Faceoff in Famoso, Our Team took home best team participation trophie! It was an awesome but hottass day.. Anyways hope you guys enjoy, Remeber to leave a thumbs up and Subscribe if you haven't already done so! Follow us on instagram at @Jrubio_c30R @LIZ4G63 Music by: and remember guys ingnore all the hate if any! always #StayPositive

Ford's Drag Team 69 Mustangs 428SCJ & 427SOHC
Ford's Drag Team of the 60's has 69 Mustangs with a 428SCJ and 427SOHC awesome vintage drag race footage.

Joe Delmos & Miss Wiggles
Best back up "girl" at dragfest