Sam Tedders and his Rat Rod S-10

Sam Tedders and his Big Block Rat Rod....

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51 Chevy Rat Rod "Mr Junk"
The 51 Chevrolet "Mr Junk" ....This thing looks like it was just drug out of a ditch somewhere....But the truth is it is a way cool Hot Rod with a ton of work done to it...So it looks like nothing was done to it..Way cool for sure...Check it out!!...Follow me for more new awesome videos weekly Mon-Fri!! Buy the latest ScottieDTV gear at Check it out!!

Jesse James gets a new truck
Jesse gets an old heap turned into a new truck by Ryan and the crew from West Coast Customs.

Ratrod truck Steve.Live on the edge!
Another rig my friend Steve and Derrick and I built out of parts I had laying around. It took us a 2 months to build,hours of fun.52 fargo cab,s10 frame,olds 350,5o chevy bed,grill shell found by river bed.At this time it had no brakes,or fuel system.We ran it on a gas can,and hoped he did not hit anything.It also has no water in it.Wish us luck.We have spent alot less money on this than any other car we have built up until now.If a person has the junk laying around,and the skills,they should be able to build a rig like this for less than $1000.00.We saved lots of money by trading parts to people that needed our parts and we needed what they had.When you build a rig like this and gearheads find out they will also donate parts for the cause.I LOVE ALL GEARHEADS! Good luck to all of you! CRUSTYRATROD,LATER.

1955 first series S10 rat cold start up
383 stroker cold start 500hp