2006 Saturn ion redline straight piped sound clip

He's debating on keeping it like this or geting an aftermarket muffler. Recorded on my phone, sounds much louder in person lol

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ion red line vs Ls1

Ion Redline exhaust - vibrant muffler
My 2005 Ion Redline with the stock Exhaust, then with a Custom Tubes Inc. 2.5" axle back pipe and a vibrant muffler.

ion redline full exhaust
cobalt addiction header 3" collector. zzperformance 3" catted down pipe. 2.5" mandrelExhaustsystems.com stainless cat back with stock resonator and borla muffler.

Saturn ION Redline Thermal R&D Exhaust
Here is a video clip of my ION Redline with the new Thermal R&D Exhaust. Sounds good, doesn't drone. I wish it were a little louder in the cabin though.