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2015 Ford Mustang GT Drag Racing Tips From Bradenton Raceway
2015 up Mustang owners wanting to take their new rides to the drag strip can learn a few things in this video. Evan Smith - Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Editor gives a few tips on how to launch, stage and get faster ET's at the track - 2015 Mustang Parts Available Here http://www.brothersperformance.com/2015.html Mustang owners see how you can get the power to the ground faster and harder for improved launches and acceleration: See our Mustang Suspension parts here:http://www.brothersperformance.com/shop-all/Mustang-suspension.html We also recommend installing a set of higher ratio rear gears to either 3.55 or 3.73 gears are really only recommended for the drag race track over the standard 3.15 or 3.31 - check your rear housing for more information. Click Here To See Our Gear Installation & Half Shaft Kits:http://www.brothersperformance.com/2015/drivetrain.html 2015 Mustang Suspension: Your Mustang may make plenty of power, but if you want to get all that power to the ground and really make your Mustang handle, you’ll need some of our vast selection of performance 2015 Mustang suspension parts.http://www.brothersperformance.com/2015/suspension.html At Brothers Performance we carry Mustang Suspension parts from some of the best brands, such as Koni, Steeda, BBK, KYB, Eibach, Ford Racing, Tokico, Lakewood and more! Modifying your Mustang suspension is the single most significant improvement you can do to vastly improve the handling of your favorite pony car. Available to fit all Ford Mustang applications including 2015, and up http://www.brothersperformance.com/ V8opotamus