Soundcheck - Firebird with Magnaflow mufflers

1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 Dynomax headers 2.5" true duals Mangaflow mufflers

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1977 Trans Am new Magnaflow XL mufflers
1977 Trans Am new Magnaflow XL mufflers

Magnaflow muffler comparison
A comparison between my old glasspack mufflers and the new Manaflow's I just fitted. It's much quieter and has a better tone with the Magnaflow's.

9 Camaro Exhaust Comparisons -- 9 Configurations
We compared 9 muffler configurations using Glass Packs, FlowMasters, and MagnaFlow and MagnaFlow Bullet Mufflers so our customers can choose which sound they like best. Get a special deal on an installed custom Camaro Exhaust system from Ripley's Muffler & Brakes at The Camaro Exhaust comparisons are: Straight Pipes (no muffler) Glass Packs, with Resonator Flowmaster, with Resonator Magnaflow, with Resonator Magnaflow Bullet Style, with Resonator Then, we replaced the resonator with a stainless steel X-pipe and compared... Glass Packs, No Resonator, X-Pipe Flowmaster, No Resonator, X-Pipe Magnaflow, No Resonator, X-Pipe Magnaflow Bullet Style, X-Pipe Which do you think is the best? Leave a comment. You can also choose custom mandrel bent pipes for better air flow and more horsepower from your Camaro's new Exhaust system

1981 Trans Am - Jegs 2.5 inch exhaust system with flowmaster 40s
1981 TA Jegs 2.5 inch kit without mufflers, bought flowmaster 40s, no cats, stock manifolds. 4.9 liter pontiac motor 301.