Volvo S60 Spark Plugs & Upper Engine Mount Replacement

This is a brief video of how I changed the spark plugs and the upper engine torque mount on my 2003 Volvo S60 2.4T. I used Bosch Platinum spark plugs, as Bosch is the OEM spark plug provider for Volvo, and the Bosch Platinum is very similar in specs to the Volvo plug. The only big difference is the price (60$ vs. 15$). Also, older S60's without the new upper engine torque mount have a tendency to crack and fall apart over time. So instead of buying just a new rubber piece, I installed the re-engineered mount that Volvo came out with in 2005. The OEM mount is made by Hutchinson, and costs only about 45-50$. There is no real point in replacing the old rubber piece, as the price and labor involved to replace the old mount will probably be about the same as putting the new redesigned on in. Also, the information to complete this repair was found on As much as I love using a ripped off version of Volvo's VIDA, downloading repair manuals without getting constant error messages and having to do endless resets is worth getting Alldata. Please leave comments with any questions!

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VOLVO S60 Assembly in Ghent Belgium
VOLVO S60 Assembly in Ghent Belgium

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Working on the S60R and looking at the engine and transmission mounts. Sorry about the lack of editing and leaving it all together, I wanted to get it up so some people could look at it who have been asking. I should note this was done on a JVC Action Cam, so trying to guess where it was pointed when trying to also film is an issue. Cheers.

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this car has been my first Volvo. Mythical. это была моя первая Вольво. удивительная. Questa è stata la mia prima Volvo. Mitica.