Import DPS SR20DET VVL 180SX 7.36 @ 185 MPH New Record

Now SR20 Powered Import DPS does a 7.3 pass , its getting better , congratulations DPS, JR and Oso. Courtesy of GRS-MOTORSPORTS.COM 'The Nissan 240SX Import DPS improving his personal best with his new Nissan SR20 combination with 7.36 @ 185mph time with your owner 'Javi' at the wheel. Congratulations to Team'' ''El Nissan 240sx de Import DPS mejorando su marca personal con su nueva combinacion Nissan SR20 con tiempo de 7.36 @ 185mph con su owner 'Javi' al volante. Muchas Felicidades al Team''

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Kako Racing Datsun 1200 Coupe SR20DET VVL 7.07 @ 190MPH
Courtesy GRS-MOTORSPORT.COM, car is doing really well , almost a six second pass again, unfortunate small touch though.

TTMN Presents Hot 93 Car Show Part 2: My Ride/Interviews

TTMN Presents the CMRC2 (Caribbean Motor Racing Championship) Event Coverage June 2015.
Coverage by TTMN (Trinidad and Tobago Motorsport News) of the CMRC (Caribbean Motor Racing Championship) Circuit Racing Event #2 that was held on June 20th and 21st 2015 at the Wallerfield International Raceway put on by the governing body of Motorsports in Trinidad & Tobago TTASA (Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sporting Association). Cars from all over the Caribbean were present and came to compete at this wonderful Event. TTASA with the help of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago plans to make Wallerfield the Home for Motorsport in T&T.