Preview Of The Lexus IS-F Precision Tour

Preview Of The Lexus IS-F Precision Tour

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'Behind the Wheel' of a Lexus IS-F
We at 'Behind the Wheel' had the privilege to take the Lexus IS-F out for a run. Wow!!! What a bombing run it turned out to be. The Japanese have surely engineered something very very special here. We loved quite a few aspects of the IS-F. Despite this we were however left slightly disappointed. Wanna know why? Watch our review video and find out why.

Five Axis Lexus IS-F for Pioneer Clearly the best custom car at the Consumer Electronics Show, this Five Axis Lexus IS-F built by Chris Yato for Pioneer Electronics features some unique A-pillar speaker pods, Pioneer's Stage 4 products, including its top of the line receiver and a spectacular and symmetrical trunk design set off with vacuum formed polystyrene accents.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid : Worth every penny!
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2011 Lexus IS F
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