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Yamaha Jupiter MX (T135) with HRP Exhaust

The sound of my Jupiter MX with HRP Exhaust (Made in Indonesia) cheap yet powerfull :)


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AHM Knalpot (jupiter MX standard).mp4
AHM Asli Malaysia... sebenarnya suaranya bagus, gara" hp jelek, jadi agak jelek,... hha....

Yamaha t135 Jupiter MX Sniper Exciter Spark 135 135LC CryptonX ...FULL MODIFIED

Yamaha Jupiter MX new 2010
Jupiter MX 2010 Jakarta motor show www.iwanbanaran.wordpress.com

HRP Exhaust Yamaha Jupiter MX (HD Version)

DOmination-Jupiter MX
2 lobang 2 suara 2 angin..wkwk

Knalpot ninja 250 R9
Knalpot ninja 250 R9

terbaek!!!!! bukan ori RK-M, but made in indon... manifold made by takim.. http://www.mudah.my/li?ca=8_s&id=9569

Nob1 3Bold series on new Jupiter Z 2010

Yoshimura Jupiter MX
Knalpot Yoshimuraahh :D

YAMAHA SNIPER TOPSPEED 145kph jupiter mx spark 135 exciter 135lc crypton x 135cc t135 x1r
90/80 front tire dual disc 120/70 rear tire inverted V swingarm rextor cdi 26mm carb protec ultimate racing coil

Satria FU 150 R9 new Mugello
knalpot R9 di pasang di satria FU 2009 new, suaranya bagus..tarikan juga enak...

Yamaha Sniper 135LC - AHM Circuit Race Pipe Only
Yamaha Sniper 135LC - AHM Circuit Race Pipe Only Standard DB Sound and Clean Sound.

Yamaha Spark 135 RR LeoVince SBK Factory Slip On EVO II
ITA - Terminale LeoVince SBK Factory Omologato Evo II per Yamaha Spark 135 RR ...il sound del silenziatore LeoVince Factory... Disponibile presso la rete vendita LeoVince (art. 8285) http://www.leovince.com/it/catalogo-yamaha/terminale_factory_omologato_evo_ ii_passaggio_standard_spark_135_rr_135_2005_2008/13263 ENG - LeoVince SBK Factory E-approved Evo II Slip-on for Yamaha Spark 135 RR ...the sound of LeoVince Factory Exhaust... Available at LeoVince Sales department (art. 8285) http://www.leovince.com/en/catalog-yamaha/terminale_factory_omologato_evo_i i_passaggio_standard_spark_135_rr_135_2005_2008/13263 FRA - LeoVince Silencieux SBK Factory Homologué Evo II pour Yamaha Spark 135 RR ...le son du silencieux LeoVince Factory... Disponible chez tous le revendeurs LeoVince (art. 8285) http://www.leovince.com/fr/catalogue-yamaha/terminale_factory_omologato_evo _ii_passaggio_standard_spark_135_rr_135_2005_2008/13263 ESP - LeoVince Terminal SBK Factory Homologado Evo II para Yamaha Spark 135 RR ...el sonido del silenciador LeoVince Factory... Disponible ya a través de los revendedores autorizados LeoVince (art. 8285) http://www.leovince.com/es/catalogo-yamaha/terminale_factory_omologato_evo_ ii_passaggio_standard_spark_135_rr_135_2005_2008/13263

PROBLEM SOLVED: Yamaha Sniper Spark Exciter Jupiter Mx T135
UPDATE: November 21, 2006 After sending letter to Yamaha T135 Technical Service Department, After talking personally to person incharge of the nationwide yamaha after sales... my problems have been solved. All of my concerns have been dealt properly. Thanks to Yamaha for Good customer Support! Now im happy with my Yamaha T135 :) Now im enjoying my Yamaha T135! will be posting more videos regarding my T135. =================== October 26, 2006 Heres my brand new "very first batch of hand clutch version" Yamaha Sniper T135. 135cc hitech engine. This brand new motorcycle sounds and feels like 10 years old engine. It vibrates so hard and sounds very loud. The engine is very problematic and vibrates hard when you drive it. Guess what, its just less than one month old :( too bad, im the lucky yamaha customer who bought the "defective" bike in the T135 production. (any manufacturers does have production errors, theres no guaranteed 100% no error in production) engine breakin procedure was followed by the book through the yamaha manual. problems found in my T135 - hard vibration - idle sounds bad - corrosion can be found especially in the clamps of electrical wirings. - engine sounds bad If you are a T135 owner, just compare the sound of my bike to your T135. Note: the Yamaha T135 cowling on this video was removed intentionally for inspection purposes.

Valentino Rossi: Ducati is bad Unridable!!!
Watch scooter "ASIAN" version of ROSSI vs MARC MARQUEZ ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6BPz4bQjY&t=30s&hd=1 Valentino said Ducati is unride-dable! anyway check this video below on the rossi motogp warmup bike :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PUNFxJFEjY Heres the valentino motogp gyro rossi riding the Yamaha T135 on a tv commercial. Great camera acting!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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