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94 Lincoln Towncar on air ride

Swift4u2nv's 94 Lincoln Towncar on air ride


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Jeff from Switches & Thangs stops by Performance Improvements. He gets the big Lincoln up on three wheels, then after drawing a crowd, proceeds to hop it crazily. Check out that awesome green frame! You can find out more about Jeff's lowrider Here: http://bit.ly/PIfall2012 Song is "Guppies" by Raleigh Moncrief - video here: http://youtu.be/JH9QBdfEAY8

So West Coast.com Low riding Lincoln Town Car
So West Coast at the toy drive and the days street king does a lil clowin

While driving through Austin I come across this clean Lincoln. Flexin


Lowrider Cruising
Cruisin throough town with hydros!!

Lincoln Town Car (99') Air Ride Suspension
This is a properly working air-ride suspension on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car after unloading groceries from Sam's Club ;-) I didn't close the driver's door on purpose so that I could show how it works. Some people are afraid of the Lincoln Town Car rear air suspension, but in all reality, they are relatively simple to repair and really not all that expensive. The rear airbags are only held in place by a small metal clip at the top, pull the metal clip-push up at the bottom to release the metal ring from the axle-gently pull and rotate the top until you can see the air line and solenoid-gently twist the solenoid until it stops, then pull it out of the leaking airbag and just reverse the procedure to re-install a new bag. SIMPLE ! ! ! Nothing rides or drives like a Lincoln Town Car, I've had my share of Cadillacs, believe me- you do not want to replace the air leveling shocks on a Cadillac, been there and done that .

1992 Towncar
Here is your chance to own the finest, most pristine example of a 1992 Lincoln Towncar Cartier available anywhere in the country, the Cartier edition being the most luxurious and fully loaded trim available at the time. This car is like new, has very low miles, 56k, and has a lustre that you cannot get without many years of careful and meticulous ownership. Covering an average of only 3k miles per year, this car is in excellent condition inside and out. The paint, all exterior trim and moldings are in place and look excellent, nothing is faded or cracked, as you can see for yourself in the close-up photos. The original spare is in place. The interior looks new, the seats, dash, carpets, trim, buttons, cold AC, stereo, everything is in excellent condition. There are a couple very minor issues: the rear passenger window needs a new motor and there is some tearing in one of the rear grab handles. Given the excellent condition of this Towncar, I am asking only $7950, a great value given the quality and collectibility. Even Lincoln doesn't make V8, RWD cars like this anymore. My name is Matt, please call me if you're interested: 305-764-9408. I can show the car with a phone call and 2 hours notice any day. I have a whole set of pictures online and a video walk around on YouTube. More pictures here: http://ads.neighborhoodmotors.com/hsx/classifieds.hsx?db=autos&website=&lan guage=&session_key=&search_and_display_db_button=on&results_format=long&que ry=retrieval&db_id=690

97 Lincoln Lowrider
Northside street rods. Playing with the switches in my lowrider.. quick vid for youtube!

Installing 22's on towncar
Installing my wheels, explaining my airbag situation, demo on how I can lift or lower the rear end as needed

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII With A Strutmasters Air Suspension Conversion (Part 1 of 2 Install Video)
Strutmasters (http://www.strutmasters.com/Lincoln-Mark-Viii-Suspension-Parts-s/41.htm): This 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Had A Sagging Air Suspension. Lou Santiago Converted It To A Non Air Suspension Using Strutmasters Air Suspension Conversion Kit. Strutmasters Kits Are Designed To Bolt On Without Modification And Provide A Great Ride. If You Are Having Issues With Your Lincoln Air Suspension, Get One Of These Strutmasters Kits.

This is my 2001 Ford Crown Victoria in the proccess of being built. The car has been finished and there are other videos of it completed. Everything on this car is custom including shaved door handles, air ride with ten switches and 200 psi, aftermarket sunroof, custom wire wheels, custom grill, and much more. This was an old police cruiser, I gave it a new life.

My 1995 Lincoln Town Car
75,000 Miles,Deep Jewel Green Metallic, Matching Leather Interior. This is my #1 favorite car I have ever owned..

This is my 2001 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor. It took me three years to build this car to this point. Everything on this car is custom. It has a ten switch air ride system, in other words its "bagged". it has labo doors on the front. All door handles have been shaved and the doors now open by remote. The grill and lights are all custom, as well as the marauder black paint job. It has a compustar alarm coneected to a Nathan Airchime train horn. The windows have been limo tinted and the interior has all be replaced. This car was built for shows.

1990 lincoln town car coil spring conversion
I got the springs from a crown vic and they fit perfectly. for those who want to do something like this heres the direction. 1. turn off the air suspension. switch is in the trunk. 2. jack up the car and set it on jack stands and remove the wheels. 3. disconnect electrical connection on the silenoid of the air spring. 4. disconnect the air line on the silenoid. 5. turn the silenoid counterclockwise (or clockwise I forgot)and pull outwards (you should hear the air in the spring escape) turn it again counterclockwise (or clockwise) and pull it completely out. 6. use a small pry tool (or in my case a big flat-head screw driver to pull the metal clip on the top of spring. then place the tool under the bottom part of the spring and pry on it til it becomes free from the clip of the axle seat. 7. use a jack to support the axle. remove nut of the bottom of the shock absorber and sway bar. let it hang freely. lower the axle for access for the spring. 8. install the spring w/ rubber inserts (or not didn't do it in vid) on axle seat. jack up axle to reinstall shock and sway bar. 9. reinstall shock absorber nut and torque to 70 ft. lb. reinstall sway bar nut. 10. put on wheels and tires. torque lugs to spec. set the car on the ground and you're done direction for install are for left and right side of the car. if you're not sure about doing this yourself, I recommend you take to a professional who knows about suspension conversion. the conversion can be for 90 to current town cars, GMQs or Crown vics. strutmasters have kits better suited for the year and make of those cars

Lincoln town car on air
91 lincoln town car has 166000k's on it Slam bag air suspension with 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 Viair 380 200psi comps. all valves and lines are 1\2 inch very fast and reliable.Will do front back side to side pancake and see saw. stereo has jvc dvd headunit audiocontrol epicenter 2 10 inch kicker solo's in a ported box and pionerr mids and highs in the front doors. also has 2 7 inch visor monitors as well.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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