Path of Exile Gearing Guide: GLOVES (How to Identify A Good Pair of Gloves)

In this Path of Exile gearing guide I talk about gloves; what mods are available, which ones are good to have and I explain what makes the perfect pair of gloves. The purpose of these gearing guides is to give you guys an idea of what is available in each slot so that you can try to craft or buy the best pieces of gear for you. This knowledge will also help a lot when it comes to identifying what gear is good enough to sell/trade. Gloves are a lot more complex than other armor pieces thanks to the addition of offensive stats to the mod pool. You have an interesting decision to make between survivability and damage when it comes to dressing up your hands. The Ideal Pair of Gloves: MAGIC - Life / Added Damage / Increased ES/EV/AR - Single Resist / Attack Speed RARE - Added Damage / Base Life / ES/EV/AR % / Life leech - Resist / Resist / Attack Speed More Info on the Mods Gloves Can Roll: GLOVES WIKI: If you'd like to buy some cheap PC games the I highly recommend: If you buy through that link you are also supporting me in doing what I love! They deliver actual scans of CD Keys instantly and have pretty cheap prices usually. You can connect with me and find out when I upload new content in the following places: Twitter → Facebook → Homepages → & Alternate Channel →

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