Path of Exile Gearing Guide: GLOVES (How to Identify A Good Pair of Gloves)

In this Path of Exile gearing guide I talk about gloves; what mods are available, which ones are good to have and I explain what makes the perfect pair of gloves. The purpose of these gearing guides is to give you guys an idea of what is available in each slot so that you can try to craft or buy the best pieces of gear for you. This knowledge will also help a lot when it comes to identifying what gear is good enough to sell/trade. Gloves are a lot more complex than other armor pieces thanks to the addition of offensive stats to the mod pool. You have an interesting decision to make between survivability and damage when it comes to dressing up your hands. The Ideal Pair of Gloves: MAGIC - Life / Added Damage / Increased ES/EV/AR - Single Resist / Attack Speed RARE - Added Damage / Base Life / ES/EV/AR % / Life leech - Resist / Resist / Attack Speed More Info on the Mods Gloves Can Roll: GLOVES WIKI: If you'd like to buy some cheap PC games the I highly recommend: If you buy through that link you are also supporting me in doing what I love! They deliver actual scans of CD Keys instantly and have pretty cheap prices usually. You can connect with me and find out when I upload new content in the following places: Twitter → Facebook → Homepages → & Alternate Channel →

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Crafting a 6xT1 Legacy Insanity Glove! Brood Palm!
Finished gloves located here: I got the 3 t1 suffix base from a friend who got really lucky in Essence, and I spent a good amount meta-modding. This is part of the crafting where I actually hit the 5xT1's needed in order to achieve the great 6xT1. I master crafted life leech on there for all 6xT1 glove. Music: BADBADNOTGOOD - Triangle

Auto Heralds build (non-crit) - Path of Exile 3.0 (Harbinger)
Harbinger league brought new uniques, among them unique body armour which was made for Heralds builds. This build uses Herald of Thunder and Ice for clearing enemies and for bosses using Storm Burst cast while channeling Ball Lightning. This is non crit version, because it is a bit cheaper but still very expensive and not suited for new players. Below are more details and other links. Also forum build guide: -----Time stamps----- Explaining how it works 0:38 Drawbacks and advantages 1:09 Items and skills 2:16 IMPORTANT! About Heralds 6:19 Passive skill tree 7:13 About my streams 9:15 Changes to outro 10:11 - -----Bandit rewards for 3.0----- Help Alira or take 2 passive points by dealing with all bandits. - -----Passive skill tree and keystones----- Level 90: Path of Building import code: - Elemental Overload - Scion - Ascendant First take Elementalist subclass. Then Raider subclass. From Ethernal (Uber) lab take Path of Ranger for 3 skill points. - -----Unique Items----- The Coming of Calamity Abberath's Hooves Call of the Brotherhood The Dark Seer (or Doryani's Catalyst) Southbound Atziri's Promise (maybe) The Writhing Jar (If very rich) The Tempests' Binding - ------Gems and links----- In body armour: Herald of Thunder + Added Cold Damage + Ice Bite + Elemental Proliferation. 5link: + Added Lightning Damage. 6link: Innervate. - Herald of Ice + Elemental Proliferation + Added Lightning Damage + Innervate. If using The Tempests' Binding for Herald of Ice then just Added instead Innervate use Added Lightning Damage or maybe Inc. AoE or Concentrated Effect support gem. - Storm Burst + Cast While Channeling + Ball Lightning + Greater Multiple Projectiles - Other skills: Flame Dash, Flame Golem, Decoy Totem (very important). Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + Molten Shell (low level to trigger as easily as possible) - -----Social media----- You can catch me on Twitter: I am streamer on Twitch: -----Patreon----- If you would like to support me - check my Patreon page: Also patrons are first to find out what i am working, some behind the scene stuff and some rewards. Your support is greatly appreciated, it may even help change my life.

[Path of Exile 2.3] All Glove Enchantmens - Overlooked Utility and Damage
Showing all the Glove Enchants currently in the game. I feel they often get overlooked even if they can add alot of QoL and clearspeed to your build if you havea enchant that can benefit from your passive tree and Gear. Timestamps: 0:32 Blade 1:17 Inferno 1:28 Tempest 1:58 Grave 2:39 Winter 3:20 Reflection 3:49 Frost 4:33 Thunder 5:17 Spite 5:44 Force 6:12 Ire 6:40 War 7:14 Fury 7:40 Light Music:

PoE Crafting Guide - Detailed Explanation on How To Craft! Get Answers Here!
Welcome to my comprehensive guide for crafting in the 2.0 meta. With the removal of eternal orbs, and the recent publicity surrounding master crafting, the way we craft in PoE has seen a change. In this guide I focus in detail on how to craft, why to craft, what to craft for, understanding affix combinations, when to regal, and how to complete various crafts. Hopefully the depth of this guide will give you a well rounded understanding of crafting currently, and subsequent guides are in the works to help better understand multi-modding and master crafting. 0:00 - General Crafting Overview Ambusher Crafting and Explanation: Harbinger Bow Crafting and Explanation: Vaal Axe / Fleshripper Crafting and Explanation: Ambusher Crafting v2: If you are interested in getting additional help, asking questions, or seeing us craft live, feel free to tune in at Remember to like and subscribe, as well as follow the twitch channel! If you leave questions in the comments below I will happily answer them!