Matty's Toyota Yaris T Sport 1/4 mile run USC

Matty Lee's Toyota Yaris T Sport @ USC Santa Pod

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Yaris TSport vs Yaris TSport stock
Yaris TS setup: Envy CAI, Megan Racing manifold, 2.25 inch piping, Envy sports cat, Megan Racing Exhaust.

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Giving the old Fuji a good rev with and without the bung

Project 106+ Yaris TS Turbo
Es ist vollendet der Project 106+ Yaris ist Fertig Mehr auf

Toyota Yaris T Sport Review - With Richard Hammond (2001)
In this clip, Ginny Buckley gives a brief overview of the Toyota Yaris T Sport before Richard Hammond takes to the road in one to assess its performance, practicality, design, and value for money.