Biggest ANSGEAR unboxing on Youtube (12.6lb)

My first ansgear unboxing. don't judge me

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This is my personal marker now. An Atlantic Geo 3 with the iv core. More videos will be coming when my new computer comes in. Appreciate the patience and continued support! Thanks again for watching and please subscribe! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ _vxaa_ Follow me on twitch @Mridontsing Thanks again guys and i hope to talk to you all soon!

DLX Luxe 1.5 Shooting with Pooty Core Ft Bonding Time With MrIDontSing
Hey guys! Long time no personal talk. Glad to know that I still have subscribers. lol. With my bum self, I'm thankful to have faithful people like ya'll. Enjoy the Vid! I'll make more videos soon PS: Don't be afraid to come and confront me at FOX BROTHERS PAINTBALL PARK IN VIRGINIA BEACH , VA. I always love helping others learn and such. If you don't believe me, ask the people who play there.

2011 Paintball Gearbag
Its a gearbag.

Let Me Tell You A Story...
PLEASE WATCH TILL THE END. I encourage everyone who clicks on this video to watch the whole thing regardless of length. Unfortunately, like i said, everything that happened was and is true. This is unlike any video I will ever post, but its just something I wanted to talk about since its officially ended. I will never take this video down as I hope it get's passed around and also that people learn a lesson from it.