Audi S5 Sportback MTM 430 HP vs Ford Focus RS Audi S5 Sportsback MTM 430 HP vs Ford Focus RS

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Volvo S40 T4 Autotech 420hp vs Ford Focus RS Autotech 420hp x2
60-260 km/h Focus has ATM420-kit + VP racing fuel

Audi Rs3 vs. Ford Focus RS
Test between Audi Rs3 ( AWD 340 Hp) and Ford Focus RS (FWD 305 Hp) first test from 0 Km/h second from 50 Km/h distance ca. 400m

Ford Focus RS WRC (DiRT Rally)
Short Monte-Carlo stage with the Ford focus RS WRC from 2007! (All driving assists OFF)

1100hp Ford GT with a Cute Blonde
Taking a ride in a supercharged/twin turbo Ford GT This car is making over 1000rwhp! Get ready for TX2K12 coming in March! Check out Follow us on Facebook