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Mopeds for sale by HIGH STYLE MOTORING (562) 945-8361.Custom conversion to the 72cc Moped with FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. Check them out at http://www.mopedsgonewild.com. We are proud to be family owned and in the same location since 1987 and we have become the #1 dealer in the nation selling and shipping the SSR Motorsports LAZER 5 49cc moped in the customized 72cc BIG BORE Edition. This custom process can be seen in many of our YouTube videos. This custom conversion by HIGH STYLE MOTORING is second to none when it comes to providing our customers with superior power, performance, durability and economy. Get more power and still get over 100 MPG while cruising around town or your college campus and finding a parking space at every turn. These engines on our Lazer 5 mopeds are 4-stroke so no need to mix messy oil with the gas like those noisy and smelly 2-strokes engines. Just fill at the pump, and you're off to the races! Many states require no special licensing or insurance on our 49cc mopeds or 72cc mopeds which saves you even more of your hard earned dollars so check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles for specific requirements. HIGH STYLE MOTORING is American family owned and in the same location since 1987 selling and servicing thousands of Mopeds, Scooters, ATV, Pit Bikes and other vehicles with a single goal in mind - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Sales, service, parts and accessories all in one giant Southern California location. We offer the absolute FASTEST shipping in the nation on these units and they will normally be shipped the very same day we take your order. Please feel to call us for personalized service Monday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm PST at (562) 945-8361. Thank-You and, as always - Ride Safe!


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Mopeds for sale with free shipping by HIGH STYLE MOTORING (562) 945-8361 or check out our website for the latest and greatest lazer 5 mopeds at http://www.highstylemotoring.com/moped.html 49cc The SSR Lazer 5 moped is customized to the 72cc moped in this video. These street legal mopeds with pedals are able to climb hills much better than the 49cc pedal moped versions and are much quicker off the line. We can customize yours and deliver right to your door with free delivery. Please check with your State laws regarding registration before you order our custom 72cc moped performance package. Want more power off the line and have greater hill climbing ability? The 72cc BIG BORE kit by HIGH STYLE MOTORING is your answer. These are 4 stroke mopeds so no messy mixing of oil and gas is required as in a 2 stroke moped with pedals. Just fill 'er up at the pump and you are on your way! These economical mopeds get over 100 MPG and are a true joy to ride. Finding a parking spot is a breeze whether you are on a college campus, near a crowded coastline area or just making short trips to the mall or local store. Everyone loves the SSR Lazer 5 Moped, so give us a shout and we will send yours out today! Since 1987 HSM's nationwide customers have been able to buy safely and feel comfortable by purchasing their Eco friendly and tried and trued 49cc mopeds or upgraded 72cc SSR pedal Mopeds directly from the Nations leader - HIGH STYLE MOTORING. Same location and family owned and operated by Brad Gordon since 1987, handling these custom pedal mopeds is our passion. We have provided our customers with an unparalleled commitment to one-on-one interaction and satisfaction. Are you tired of calling, over and over again, a "dealer" that never answers the phone to address your important questions? We hear that from our customers on a daily basis so, rest assured, you are not alone. We here at HIGH STYLE MOTORING are proud of the fact that our phones are answered during our normal business hours, by a REAL HUMAN BEING, politely and respectfully 6 days a week. We are a full service, American owned, California licensed and bonded dealership that, when it comes to the products that we represent, genuinely speak your language - mopeds, motorcycles and scooters. We all are aware that the internet has become inundated with a plethora of impersonal and uninformed fly-by-night operations just trying to make a quick buck and are consistently no where to be found for after sale issues. UPDATE! As of 12/1/2013 we now perform a running test of not just our custom performance mopeds before they ship, but our stock 49cc versions as well. This process takes time and labor but definitely lends you the peace of mind that you will receive a fully tested and 100% operational, professionally inspected Lazer 5 moped. Don't let the cheap mopeds and cheapest moped prices that we offer fool you. Every unit we sell is superior in quality and reliability and we stand behind every unit. Free and FAST nationwide shipping comes standard on our SSR Lazer5 49cc mopeds and SSR Lazer 5 mopeds in the custom 72cc versions. Free shipping right to your door in the lower 48 States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska are urged to give us a call for a shipping quote. Remember to check out our detailed assembly videos on our website at http://www.highstylemotoring.com/moped.html Ride safely and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Brad Gordon Owner HIGH STYLE MOTORING

DIY Gy6 Scooter 50cc to 100cc Kit
In this tutorial I show you how to install the 100cc big bore kit, easy step by step instructions.Fit's Gy6 139qmb & Ip39qmb Purchase The 100cc Big Bore Kit Here... One kit has the carburetor minus the cam and the other has the cam minus the carburetor..Same price , "your choice" $169.99 Free Shipping. Help Support My Channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9ZT925 NTLR5E6 Purchase Kit: http://stores.ebay.com/chinesescooterparts/ Visit me at: http://www.Nthefastlane.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nthefastlane Google+: https://plus.google.com/117540915227325837174

50cc 49cc Scooter Performance Clutch and Variator install variator roller weights
Click the link below to buy these sliders: http://rollingwrenchdenver.com/parts_scooter_motorcycle_denver_boulder/hond a_metro_ruckus_performance_parts_denver_boulder?product_id=65 Rolling Wrench in Denver Colorado will show you how to install and upgrade your clutch and variator to gain performance on your performance scooter. You can purchase these products at www.rollingwrenchdenver.com. Thses scooter performance parts are a must with a 70cc big bore kit for ultimate speed and performance. kymco performance, adly big bore, Hyusung sense, Cpi performance, 2-stroke scooter upgrades and performance

How to Install 139QMB / 1P39QMB big bore installation 50cc/70cc/80cc/90cc/100cc Install Part 1
http://www.ebay.com/itm/330459445932 100cc Big Bore Kit 139QMB ALL KITS ARE IN STOCK SHIPPING FROM OUR Milwaukee, Wisconsin WAREHOUSE! 100cc Big Bore Kit for 139QMB 50cc Engines (64mm Valve) LOCATED & SHIPS FROM US! Milwaukee, WI! NOT CHINA! Don't settle with 49cc when you can more then double your power with the 100cc Big Bore Kit. Great way to get more speed without spending Hundreds on a new scooter! Great money maker and upgrade option for Dealers! On a stock engine, our kits will not require any machinating. This is basically a bolt on kit. The best installation guide we've found so far while we are in the process of making our own guide is located HERE Includes Pre-installed Valve's and Exhaust Gasket & what you see in the below picture!, Valve length:64mm Valve Pre-Installed! If you need a kit with 69MM Valves, Please see our other auction HERE! FIT / INTERCHANGE (This part will fit these makes and models with these options) Direct Fit for 139QMB / QMB139 GY6 Engines. Their are many variants of the 139QMB engine. We cannot guarantee direct fit or any fit at all on these variant engines either with, or without machining. THIS IS LIKEWISE WITH OUR COMPETITORS KITS AS WELL!

49cc MOPED to 72cc Moped #3 in a series MOPED for SALE (562) 945-8361
Part 3 in a series showing HIGH STYLE MOTORING and our process of converting the Lazer 49cc pedal moped to a 72cc screamer! www.highstylemotoring.com or call moday thru saturday (562) 945 - 8361from 10-6 PST and talk to real live salesperson -NOT A RECORDING like most of the Chinese warehouses and drop shippers. Since 1987 we have been helping our customers find economical and inexpensive transportation with an emphasis on knowledgeable and personalized service. Tired of listening to an answering machines when you call about mopeds and scooters? Then give us a call and we will give you the level of service that you deserve. (562) 945-8361. Thank You. Brad Gordon Owner HIGH STYLE MOTORING

49cc Moped BIG Bore to 72cc Moped Demo Series / High Style Motoring and, the scooter slut. 2
Part 2 in a series and you get to briefly meet the Scooter Slut, whether you like it or not. The guy is one ornery mechanic, but WTF? He's the best motorhead on the planet... Order one before they're gone. We have more info for you at: http://www.highstylemotoring.com/MOPED.html

MOPED w/ 72cc BIG BORE INFO SSR LAZER 5 by Bashan 49cc Moped Conversion
HIGH STYLE MOTORING IS THE LEADER IN CONVERTING 49cc Mopeds to the 72cc BIG BORE "ULTRA-MOPED"! Over the years, High Style Motoring has become the #1 source for high quality and affordable transportation and here is our #1 best seller! The Lazer5 49cc pedal Moped. Easy to ride and so fuel efficient you might just forget where the Da^#$^#^M gas station is. Satisfies most state requirements for being classified as a street legal Moped and the new design for 2012 makes this Lazer 5 one stunning and spectacular machine! You can expect to get over 100 MPG and cruise at speeds of 30-32 MPH. Add our optional 72cc BIG BORE kit and you'll easily fly past the 42MPH mark and experience a significantly greater rate of acceleration and speed. High Style Motoring is the Nation's leader in supplying this upgraded performance package and, although many have tried to imitate our design, no one has succeeded. Our kits have stood the test of time over the years and we have over 25 years of experience in our current location as proof of quality, and,most importantly, customer satisfaction. There are several other smaller outfits attempting to copy the design that we have been perfecting over the years but, sadly, most of them use a cheaper, untested version of a cylinder kit. Really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to risk an inferior installation when, in most cases, our price is the lowest on the web. If interested, give us a call at (562) 945-8361 and we will be happy to provide you with more info on these cool bikes. We are an authorized, licensed SSR nationwide dealership that, (unlike most online outfits) offers our customers full service 6 days a week at a REAL BUSINESS! (closed Sunday). Yes! we answer our phones and have the knowledge and the experience to help you make the best decision on what Moped or Scooter will fit your particular transportation needs. Parts, service and sales in the same location since 1987 makes High Style Motoring a name you can trust. Visit us at www.highstylemotoring.com for more detailed information on our hottest selling Lazer5 conversion process or call us by phone Mon - Sat. As always, HAPPY MOPEDING and Ride Safe!

Motoped downhill mountain bike / mopeds :SEMA Las Vegas
I am fascinated with off road mopeds like the Honda Ruckus and the Yamaha Zuma. They are relatively cheap compared to real motorcycles at about $3,000. I like that 49cc mopeds dont require a motorcycle license in many states and in my state 49cc mopeds dont even require registration or insurance. I think this is why you see mopeds as RV camp and track transportation (pit bikes) because they are cheap and street legal. My only complaint about the Ruckus and Zuma is that they have tiny wheels and very little suspension travel that really sucks off road. I know they aren't meant to be dirt bikes but sometimes you want just a little bit more performance off road than what traditional mopeds give you. Enter the Motoped! You have the agility of a downhill mountain bike with larger 26 inch wheels that roll over obstacles better than a moped and 7 to 8 inches of travel to roll over logs and soak up big whoops at higher speeds that a moped sucks at. But you still have the power of an engine to get you up hills and around camp faster than a bike. And if you want to cruise quietly through camp or a park or the track...just pedal like a bike in stealth mode. The application is obvious for a survival bike AKA bug out bike. Power when you need to get out of dodge faster than walking and silent pedal power when you want to move stealthy and not attract attention. In a survival situation it wouldn't be my first choice but its an option and options are always good to have. Plus...it just looks like fun if nothing else!!!! LOL Royalty free music by youtube creator tool. http://www.motoped.com

49cc Moped with Pedals SSR LAZER 5 MOPED DEMO AND INFO
The brand new SSR Lazer 5 49cc Gas Pedal Mopeds are here and ready - Free Shipping direct from SSR Dealers at http://www.ssrdealers.co. A little info and walk-a-round on this amazing machine that cruises like a dream and gets over 100 M.P.G.! Kyle's buddy both work the boats down in Huntington Beach, CA and needed some simple and economical transportation to and from the boats and the harbor. Parking can be a little hard to find around the coastal areas of So Cal and elsewhere and these 49cc Lazer 5 Mopeds are just the answer. Park anywhere and get there economically and in style with the 4 stroke Lazer5 and if you own one, you just might forget where the gas station is. SSR Dealers price includes all fees and shipping directly to your door - nationwide. CA residents must pay tax and licence fees and for HI and AK residents shipping is more so if you live in one of these States just call for an accurate quote. The model shown in this video is the 2012 Lazer 5 moped with pedals. People in all States just love the reliability and fuel efficiency we've all come to expect out of this product over the years. Prices for the Lazer 5 pedal moped can be found at our website and you can buy directly from the source at http://www.ssrdealers.com. Check the site regularly because we often include free stuff with your moped purchase as a way to say thanks for your business. If you are curious and would like more information on the specifications, see the complete and more detailed description on our website at http://www.ssrdealers.com We will be uploading more videos in the near future that demonstrate the side by side comparison between the stock and the performance model Lazer's. Ride Safe and HAPPY MOPEDING!

MAKE YOUR MOPED GO faster IMMEDIATELY. Secrets of the mysterious moped throttle will now be REVEALED AT LAST... With this technique , you can improve top speed and AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS!!!

49cc scooter upgrades
Modified scooter with a 49cc engine and Boost bottle. Max rpm is around 10,200.

Here we have a Kymco 50cc 4 stroke scooter. This is a video on installing the power up kit. Power up kit is a typical 139QMB big bore kit. Once finished, this 4 stroke will run with the stock 2 stroke scooters. This Kymco went from a top speed of 32 mph to 42 mph at 6000 feet of altitude. Also.. Torque was way up. Jetting was stock. For those at sea level, you may have to go one size larger on the main jet. Enjoy the video..

Servicing Carburetor for 50cc Moped
This video credits belong to Matt Young. Leapparts.com want to say thank you Matt Young for this demo video.

50cc to Big Bore 80cc Scooter Rebuild/upgrade Kit How to do it Racing Upgrades for 139qmb Engine
Upgrade a China Scooter with 139qmb Engine. Rebuild a Top End from 50cc to 80cc Adjust valves chick Timing, replace Cylinder rings and Gaskets and much more.

BRAND NEW SSR KIDS 4 STROKE PIT BIKES WITH FREE shipping from HIGH STYLE MOTORING. We ship pit bikes for kids for FREE to the lower 48 States. We sell the full line off SSR PIT BIKES or SSR MINI DIRT BIKES with SUPER FAST NATIONWIDE SHIPPING to all lower 48 states. Free shipping on pit bikes 140cc, 150cc or 160cc SSR Mini dirt Bikes and SSR pit bikes. These kids pit bikes are perfect for the beginner rider or can accommodate adult riders as well - No Jumping though, please lol. Cruise anywhere in these high quality and affordable pits! Priced below $600 and the quality just can't be beat! For personalized service, give us a call @ (562) 945-8361. A real live person will be happy to answer any of you questions regarding our full line of SSR Pit Bikes and mini dirt bikes for sale. Check them all out on our website at http://www.highstylemotoring.com HIGH STYLE MOTORING, same location and owner since 1987, is your full service shop for pit bike and mini dirt bike sales, parts, repairs and accessories. WE ARE NOT A CHEAP CHINESE WAREHOUSE! We speak your language, PIT BIKES, and are here to help you with what you need SSR product needs. Cheap pit bikes in price but AWESOME quality is guaranteed in every SSR pit bike or SSR mini dirt bike. Kids pit bikes and kids mini dirt bikes as well as used dirt bikes and adult pit bikes and mini dirt bikes with specials on free shipping. Call (562) 945 - 8361 or check out the full line of cheap pit bikes for kids and adults at http://www.highstylemotoring.com/pit-bikes-dirt-bikes-1.html Ride Safe!

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