Mopeds for sale by HIGH STYLE MOTORING (562) 945-8361.Custom conversion to the 72cc Moped with FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. Check them out at We are proud to be family owned and in the same location since 1987 and we have become the #1 dealer in the nation selling and shipping the SSR Motorsports LAZER 5 49cc moped in the customized 72cc BIG BORE Edition. This custom process can be seen in many of our YouTube videos. This custom conversion by HIGH STYLE MOTORING is second to none when it comes to providing our customers with superior power, performance, durability and economy. Get more power and still get over 100 MPG while cruising around town or your college campus and finding a parking space at every turn. These engines on our Lazer 5 mopeds are 4-stroke so no need to mix messy oil with the gas like those noisy and smelly 2-strokes engines. Just fill at the pump, and you're off to the races! Many states require no special licensing or insurance on our 49cc mopeds or 72cc mopeds which saves you even more of your hard earned dollars so check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles for specific requirements. HIGH STYLE MOTORING is American family owned and in the same location since 1987 selling and servicing thousands of Mopeds, Scooters, ATV, Pit Bikes and other vehicles with a single goal in mind - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Sales, service, parts and accessories all in one giant Southern California location. We offer the absolute FASTEST shipping in the nation on these units and they will normally be shipped the very same day we take your order. Please feel to call us for personalized service Monday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm PST at (562) 945-8361. Thank-You and, as always - Ride Safe!

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Новый китайский мопед. Сломался.
Карта местоположения мастерской: Официальный сайт: Следите за мной в ВК: Так же подписывайтесь в группе в ВК: Мастерская в Твиттере: Сидите в Фейсбуке? подписывайтесь: "Мастерская Pit_Stop"─видео инструкции по ремонту мототехники:хитрости,подсказки и тонкости. Мастерская Pit_Stop:теперь ремонтировать будет намного легче. Обязательно подписывайтесь на канал, здесь всегда есть свежий материал на совершенно разнообразные темы по мото- и скутер-ремонту.

My Homemade 49cc scooter / dirtbike / moped (You Tell Me What The Heck I Made!)
***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE*** It Helps Me Alot! Thanks :) I welded this all up in one day. First time Welding too and everything stayed together ! This is a homemade scooter or Homemade moped Or homemade motor bicycle ? YOU TELL ME!!! Thanks for watching

Скутер Хонда дио трансформер Снегоход из мопеда
Скутер Хонда дио трансформер Снегоход из мопеда Смотри все интересные видео по скутерам и мототехнике на одном канале. Подпишить на новые видео.

мопед из бензопилы и велика
самодельный мопед из всего, что было под рукой.