Top Secret Imports 2001 Mitsubishi Evolution VII

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Mitsubishi EVO 7 GT risks of import cars and how to avoid them to save money!
In this video, Brett shows (and explains) the common traps of importing a Japanese car. How to avoid them and what to look for. This video will save you money by helping you plan ahead and know what to do. Also explains the service intervals and poarts needed. Even if you DONT drive a Mitsubishi this will help you.

Mom DRIVES the 900hp 3Dx Evo!!!
From - As featured on the TODAY SHOW - You won't believe how mom handles driving a 900hp car and how fast she takes it! Watch the whole videos, the best part is towards the end hahahah! Videos all filmed in Northern Mexico Check out 1320Video DVD's! 3Dx Evo is for sale!

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII w/ Sportexhaust Decut Pi
Vielen dank an : Das Auto ist zu haben bei Sky Automobile. Geht auf den Link und ihr seht alle Fahrzeue die bei Sky Automobile zu haben sind !

Evo VII drift