ep71 Turbo S starlet - First start up

1988 toyota starlet turbo S

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1989 Toyota Starlet EP71 home built 2E-FE first start on fuel
Boxy starlet with 2E block and flowed & ported 5E head combined, block is honed, 5E pistons on 2E rods, copper HG to increase CR, 4E timing belt, different 5E and 2E parts combined to a unique engine. Started right away on EFI with 2E-E ecu, custom wire loom, 5E 160cc injectors, adjustable fuel line.

Toyota starlet, new engine first startup
just installed the original engine I was wanting to use when I bought this car. 1981 Toyota Starlet The engine is originally from a wrecked car that I swapped into my 86 corolla, that chassis was sold and the engine was swapped into my 82 corolla convertible, while it was in that car it blew the front main seal; so it was parked until I pulled the engine to swap it into this new frame. goodies: 32/36 weber progressive w/ mechanical secondary fully advanced timing 288 dur. cam double valve springs straight tube headers ported head with straight-cut grooves in the runners carb heater plate delete along with all emissions garbage OBD1 paseo harness in the car since the old one was eaten up by rats =(