Calder Park 30.03.2012 with the local boys .

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Calder Park Legal Off Street Drag Racing 06/11/2009 Part 2
After nearly 10 months, Calder reopened it's doors to the drag racing community and the drag racing community showed up in droves. Watch nearly 40 minutes of Drag Racing action from Calder Park in this four part series, featuring everything from ITUFLJ to Steve Athen's trial run in the new Mustang. If you love your motorsport then this is a MUST WATCH. Visit to purchase this event on DVD in stunning High Definition.

NVDAV8 @ calder park
First ever run drove it there on a full tank with full interior and stereo as he would drive it on the street just slicks and ran a 10.96 et and then drove it home well done Danny!

TRIKHQ at Calder Park 30.05.2014.
My runs from last night. 10.65@128.63mph, 10.57@129.27mph, 10.59@129.16mph. Best 60ft 1.499 . Everyone was turning the tyre of the start line !!!. Pretty Happy with the result . Full street trim. New 406 SBC 642HP 547ftlbs. Should be a little more in it yet !!!

Calder Street Meet 1-6-2012
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